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hey Ive read that for 2018 entry at Leeds Beckett university for Biomedical Science, the applicant only requires 64 UCAS points. Is it a bad course? Is the university not good?
my concern lies with the fact that the average Biomedical course requires approx BBC, and 64 UCAS points is equivalent to CC.
Why is this so???
"Bad" and "not good" are subjective terms.:yes:

Universities across the UK have a range of different entry requirements, the higher entry requirements tend to indicate that you need a certain amount of prior ability in order to cope with the level that the course begins.

Universities with lower entry requirements have a habit of trying to get "bums on seats" in order to generate income from the tuition fees.

These two depictions are slight generalisations, there are always exceptions and my advice would be to make your selections based on the courses you wish to study, not on their entry requirements.