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Beating homesickness and a bit of lonliness watch

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    okay so i just started uni, freshers week was fun but now that hype is over, im starting to get really homesick (which i know to be common), I know most of the people in my block of my hall and they're all quite nice but I still haven't found any real friends that i click with like those at home. I know week 3 is still early days but I don't really see this getting easier as it feels like everyone is kind of settling into groups. Ive also joined 2 sports teams and they seem really cool too but i've only been to 1 session of each so far so maybe ill get to know them all better soon. This is a bit of a rant but everyone always says you'll find your group eventually, but what do i do until then? if anyone else whose been in this situation could give some tips that'd be great thanks? :')

    You're in the same boat as the majority even if nobody is saying it. It takes time to create friendships like you have from school. In the meantime just get yourself out there. Say hello to everyone. Say hi to the person you sit next to in lectures. If anyone is by themselves in the hall canteen, say hi. Ask other people whether they're feeling homesick - I bet many say yes. And definitely do continue with your clubs & societies, because that is a valuable way to find people like you.

    When my niece went to university I think she ended up with a gang of "we're homesick" people, who turned into one of her major friendship groups. They all stuck together and provided each other with support in the early weeks.

    I agree completely with Crumpet1.

    That is a major issue with everyone at Uni. No-one can communicate. People have been getting into crazy situations where nothing vital to ordinary living i mentioned like its a movie or something.. but in real life there is no exposition. Not everyone is up to speed. You just have to guess what people are doing, planning or want from you.. Even the lecturers - "what do you want from me lecturers!".

    The friend grouping just creates a Massive group of extroverts and a whole load of singular introverts awkwardly feeling isolated not talking to anyone for fear they're extroverts. we need hats or badges or something.
    Don't feel left out.
    Just remember many people are in your boat too.
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