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In response to an essay question: "How Did Stalin's Use of Terror differ from Lenin's", I have come up with the following points:

- Lenin had the Cheka, which brutally crushed all opposition such as monarchists and fascists

- Lenin fought to ground his ideology, whereas Stalin perused totalitarian greatness.

- Lenin was considered the undisputable leader of the Revolution. His main goal was to establish a new government as well as to expel exterior forces that were aligned against the movement. Other Bolshevik leaders swore complete loyalty to him.

- Lenin imposed a pseudo-free market system for citizens. As well as this, he retained some land ownership. Collectively, this was known as the NEP – Or new economic policy.

Stalin, on the other hand, put the state in control of everything.

Stalin called for a “Permanent Revolution”, which encouraged proletarian revolution throughout the world.

Both specialised in mass genocide, although Stalin exercised it more frequently as he mass murdered people who were not his enemies. On the other hand, Lenin still had a bloody revolution and civil war, complete with terror attacks against Class Enemies. However, Lenin supported the idea that the death penalty was only right in very certain circumstances.

- Stalin had the The NKVD, which gained a great deal of funding as well as networks of informants deployed all over the state.

- Interestingly, Stalin made a claim to power. Trotsky should have been Lenin’s successor. However, dispute arose over political matters between Lenin and Trotsky. Stalin was able to use to his advantage.

- Stalin believed in “Socialism in One Country”. This was the theory that instead of pursuing a spread of communist ideology and revolution across Europe, the Soviet Union should strengthen itself. This was in order to protect itself from the bourgeois influence of the world.

How I should go about organising the points in order create a balanced argument?
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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