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    When I was 11 years old, a man stopped me while walking with my friend to tell me I looked incredibly sexy in my jeans. He looked about 40 years old. I was so terrified I grabbed my friend by the hand and ran. He called after me saying it was just a compliment but nothing happened after.

    That was the first issue. I'm now 16 and I deal with men who I have never seen before on pretty much a weekly basis. These men are never the same and can range in age, from about 18-50. Rarely, it will be a compliment. Often a wolf whistle or a 'looking good', sometimes revolting comments about my body, telling me that my boobs look incredible or they'd love to f*ck my ass.

    On multiple occasions, I've even had some follow me. They make no effort to hide what they are doing, they turn every corner I turn and smile whenever I look behind. On all of these occasions, I've had to take a turn and book it as fast as I can or hide in a shop and pray they are gone when I leave.

    And rarely I've had men actually ask for my number or try to lift up my skirt or dress. My most prominent memory of my 14th birthday is a man inviting me to sit and have a chat and when I refused, him reaching out to lift up my skirt. I had never been more terrified in my life. I ran so fast home I was almost sick when I got back.

    Recently I had a man who wouldn't leave me alone. He kept trying to take my hand and offered to walk me home, asked for my number, etc., and only when he then followed me into a cafe did I tell the owner (discretely) that this man was harassing me that he told the owner that he was just being friendly and left.

    I'm so sick of this happening to me. It's making me terrified for my own safety. I don't even want to open my curtains because I'm scared one of them will see me and know where I live. I don't even know if I can report it to the police because I'm so sure nothing will be done about it. A few times I've made witty comments back, but this is draining me. It's making me too afraid to walk alone.

    My parents don't seem to care. They just say 'What? That's disgusting.' then get on with whatever they were doing.

    What can I do? I'm so sick of this happening all the time.
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