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    Hello! I am planning to take my LNAT on the 17th of October and have been doing some practice in some past questions. Below is an essay I'd written in around 45 minutes, inclusive of 5 minutes planning. I have to work on condensing my points and being more concise and I am doing that but other than that, I would really like to know what other things I could do to improve and if this is an alright essay. Thank you!

    If it matters, the unis I've applied to include UCL, Oxford, LSE, Queen Mary, King's.


    In what circumstance should abortion be permitted and why?

    The term abortion refers to the termination of a foetus’ life under the wishes of the birth mother and has in recent years become an extremely contested topic in society. The laws surrounding the process of abortion as well as the right to abortion varies from each country. For example in Malaysia, it is necessary for the pregnant women to prove that she is either under physical or mental distress before she is allowed the procedure. Countries such as North America, however, have a different take on the matter and adopts a more liberal outlook which prioritises the mother’s freedom of choice. Personally I believe that adoption is a progressive and incredibly beneficial procedure to have in our society. However, that being said, it too can be misused and manipulated in the hands of desperate women who are eager to ‘get rid of the mistake’. Despite this, I believe that abortion should be permitted as it bring huge benefits; however, this should only be done with justifiable cause.

    Undertaking the procedure of abortion is a huge step for any woman. In simple terms, it is essentially the ending of a life and this, to some, may be viewed as completely unacceptable. However, there are some circumstances in which abortion can bring huge benefits; an example being a woman who has been exposed to nuclear radiation as in the case of women in Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Chernobyl. Women who have been exposed to radiation stand a high chance of the fetus have birth defects which could potentially severely hinder the child’s future life if he/she were to be born. This could potentially result in the child be incapable of taking care of him or herself in adulthood and hence would rely on governmental aid to get by. Japan, being a developed country, is able to sustain this heavy burden. However, there are other countries who are unable to shoulder this responsibility. An increase in a developing country’s financial burden would prove detrimental towards its future development and progression and hence result in them falling even further behind. This same argument can be applied to ordinary women who are unable to support the child. Women living in poverty often turn towards the government for funds for raising the child. This once again reiterates my point that there is an increase financial burden which is destructive towards a country’s economy. As a result, I believe that abortion should be permitted though only for women who have justified reasons for seeking the procedure.

    Mental distress is another justified reason for why women should be able to seek for abortion. The right to abortion is often rebuked with the common argument that “everyone deserves to live”. Though I agree that all humans should have a right to life, I believe it is also important to examine the quality of life which the individual could potentially lead. There is evidence to show that mothers who are do not want the child end up abusing them out of resentment or anger. This in turn impacts the child’s development and growth and could lead the child into a life of crime. Once again this is detrimental towards society and hence I urge for the permitting of abortion for women who have justifiable cause.

    Though yes, I do acknowledge that some women might misuse the access to abortion and take advantage of this privilege; and yes, I am too aware that women, especially teenagers, might indulge in promiscuity due to the fact that there is now a ‘cure’ for pregnancy. However, these arguments prove fallacious as what I am advocating for here is not free or unregulated access to abortion. What I believe in is the legalisation and allowance of women to undergo such procedures. In no manner am I condoning unregulated and unwarranted access to abortion which I digress is more harmful than beneficial. What I believe in is that abortion should be permitted, with justifiable reasons and strict measures regulation and surveillance on institutions providing this service. With such measures put in place, I believe that there are more advantages to abortion than disadvantages.

    In conclusion, I believe that abortion is an invaluable service in our modern day society. It provides women with the privilege of choice as well as helps tackle other societal problems such as a rise in the prevalence of crime. Despite there being reason to believe that abortion can be misused as in the case of young teenage girls, I believe that abortion, when properly regulated and justified, have benefits that outweigh the potential issues and do help the overall progression of society.

    Hey hey I read your essay did you get any offers?
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