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Unfair marking - failed at second attempt watch

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    Wondering if anyone can give me any advice on the following situation.

    I am (was) a second year student nurse and failed my second attempt at the presentation part of my evidence based practice module (I was give 30%) due to extenuating circumstances. I successfully claimed EC and had a third attempt. This is the first thing Ive failed on the course.

    After my EC was successful I had a tutorial with the lecturer who would be assessing me on my third attempt (the same one who assessed me on 1st and 2nd attempt). We discussed my feedback from the previous attempt, I discussed my notes with him and he agreed that they were fine and correct. He also told me that there was nothing that he hadn't mentioned in my feedback or at this tutorial that I need to know in order to pass my third attempt.

    From then on I spent 3 weeks in the library every day preparing for my third attempt. EBP has admittedly been my weakest module so far but I am 110% sure that I should have passed the third attempt and I left feeling confident that I would receive around 50% +/-. For example, there were parts of my notes that he directly asked me for during the third attempt that I read back to him word for word, the same words he read at my tutorial and said were fine.

    Anyway, I was given 32% for my third attempt. The feedback I was given was inconsistent with the tutorial and previous feedback (as I mentioned everything he said to mention, read around the subjects, actually understood what I was reading/saying etc). Obviously this means that I have now been withdrawn from the course.

    I have met with the course director and the lecturer in question and just been completely fobbed off. Ive sent a formal request for the recordings that were made of all attempts and told by the lecturer in question that I may be unable to have them but he has asked the information governor for data protection purposes and will get back to me. I have also asked that if I am unable to have or listen to the recordings, that they send me their policy on this. He told me that "policies can't be shared with students", which I am sure is not true.

    Currently in the process of academic complaints with SU to see if my third attempt can be moderated. I'm fairly sure this won't work though.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can take this further if academic complaints doesn't work? I'm absolutely sure I should have passed that third attempt with the amount of work I put into this following the lecturers own advice and wondering what other avenues there are with this type of situation?

    TL;DR: Failed EBP at second attempt, had a third attempt due to EC, given very similar mark although I followed the lecturers own advice at tutorial. Believe I was unfairly marked. How do I take this further than just student union?

    Thanks in advance

    Are you in the RCN? It would be worthwhile approachingbthem for support alongside the SU.

    The SU should know the relevant policies, they'll be best placed to guide your complaint and advise on further actions if your complaint is unsuccessful.

    did you sit in on others presentation. you must be doing something wrong are you trying to do too much and thus ending up not achieving your goal. i assume your using visual aids hand outs and involving the other people. does your supporting document/ essay meet there targets. unless you can plead for a resit of that module your going to be removed. i doubt attacking the tutor is likely to be effective.

    You should have requested for someone else to assess you, so that it would be a fair marking. It’s not helpful if the same person is assessing you more than once. It’s good to get a second opinion from someone else so that it’s easier to identify where you’re actually going wrong.

    Definitely visit your student union and your nursing union, if you’re signed up to them to discuss your options.
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