Where, if possible, can I get access to peer-reviewed material ?

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I am studying an access to higher education course that covers psychology and sociology, but that isn't entirely relevant to my question. I want to know if, and if so - where, I can access reliable, peer-reviewed content. For example, it's really annoying me that I cannot access many peer-reviewed content without paying a large amount of money. Is there not some kind of public data bank for this sort of stuff ? Revision textbooks are simply not enough to gather the information I'm looking for, and believe it or not I actually care about reading journals in some detail. Google scholar isn't helping me as much as I'd liked, and even when it does give me accurate results . . . surprise surprise . . . this pdf is going to cost you.

Where, for example, could I read: Schwartz, B., & Lacey, H. (1982). Behaviorism, science, and human nature. New York: Norton ?

I can't find it anywhere. Please someone tell me where I am going wrong and what horrific ignorance I possess ! I need help !
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Yeah, most journals require you to pay. There is some publically available stuff on the internet but the majority is in pay-to-view journals. It's not realistic to do for every paper you like the look of but you can email the author of the publication and express interest and ask if they'd be willing to send you a copy to read. I did that a couple of times during my degree and they always got back to me with a pdf copy of the paper (and one guy sent a bunch of other papers he had which he thought might be useful/interesting) for free.The academics aren't making any money off the journal articles so it's no problem to them to send it to you for free and help someone out.

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