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Not sure if I should get involved with my friend or not watch

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    I'm 26 and there is a guy who I'm friends with and who I've been intimate before. He lives about 3 hours' drive from me now and we've been flirting online a lot.

    I know he's always fancied me and he's always made it very clear, but he has said he doesn't want a relationship, not with me, with anyone, and he's been single for years now.

    Our conversations have become very sexual and I'd really like something else to happen. The problem is that I know I like him more than he likes me and that it's always been the case.

    i've wanted a relationship with him the past but he didn't. Anyway, I know that realistically he lives a few hours away and he's busy at the weekends anyway so we wouldn't see it much.

    Fair play to the guy he has been upfront with me. He told me that it's just sex, that he doesn't want a relationship and that it won't change, but that he wanted to have fun with me.

    He says nothing has to happen between us if I don't want it to, that it can remain platonic, and that the choice is mine.

    I find him very hard to resist and I am very tempted to. I don't know if it's a good idea; but I know he isn't leading me on and that this won't go any further.

    Part of me feels like I should just have fun and see him casually for a little as I might regret it later. Should I give it a try? I just have to make sure that I don't get hurt and that I don't find myself wanting more.

    Even if it just physical, you will always be wanting more, an emotional connection, love. He has made it clear that it is something that he can never give you. If you still want to turn to him, it is your choice. However, I think you would be better off steering clear of him. It saves you more hurt in the long run, and you will find someone else who loves you as much as you love them.
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    I'm in a very similar situation to you right now, except the distance is bigger (different countries) and we've only known each other for quite a short period of time.

    I agreed to see him casually (we're friends but sleep together when we meet up). Long story short, I'm now hurt and our relationship's suffered a bit as a result.

    But only you know yourself and if you're able to handle a casual relationship with him, knowing it will never be anything more than that.
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