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Gay Muslim- Please Help, only advice from Muslims in UK/ London. Watch

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    (Original post by Sammylou40)
    Surely all sin is equal.
    A sin is a sin is a sin
    Have you never committed one?
    Surely you cannot claim to have lived a life entirely free of sin.
    Why is your sin worthy of remaining in Islam and forgiveness but the OPs not. Surely judgement comes from God and not man.
    Why need he give up his faith?
    No sin is greater or lesser than another sin, except murder in my opinion. It is for his own benefit. it is important for him to be his true self.

    As a homosexual, who tries to be muslim, he may probably live a life of lies or decent. He is probably doing that atm.

    Why live a life of lie when you can leave Islam and be your true self. I doubt many muslims will be open to him being a homosexual, so he will have to hide it. If he does, he may be a victim of honour killing.

    Whatever the OP wants to do, it is up them.

    looooool **** the gays brother youve gone astray slap that **** outta yourself

    (Original post by muslimtsr)
    Hi everyone,

    I didn't know this was going to happen, but I have fallen so deeply in love with my best friend, as has he. We are both Muslims, practising, and love Islam. But obviously, we don't know what to do anymore...

    I lives are tearing a part thinking we can't be together but maybe there is hope for the future. We are quite normal lads, so if it ever came out, it would be a shock to everyone.

    The people that reply, please be from a muslim background, I would like help and understanding. Will it get better if I come out to my family? At least I wouldn't then marry a girl and make her life bad since I want to be with a guy?

    How is it being an out gay muslim? How does the community help? Besides the sex sides of things, it's more of an extremely strong emotional connection I have with my bestfriend, I just want people who was in my boat to please help...

    I am an asian muslim boy, average family guy, I just have been dying inside lately because my future seems terrible without him. I can't even being to describe how we are meant for each other, but there's so much up to be lost...

    Guys, no rude messages please, only here to gain help from those with experience.

    I'm literally begging for someone with a similar background, to help, i feel like this world has crushed me. It's the worst feeling ever to know my time is running out with him.

    I was into girls, but he came along and changed everything up. I am a good muslim and I reckon we would be together, but obviously it's what the community has to say.

    Thank you so much if you're willing to help me, I really need it.


    muslimtsr x

    I think that you shouldn’t tell your family as they might react and take matters into their own account. Another point I would like to say is that Allah SWT tests people differently and you should start doing dua after prayer and just remember that this is a test from god and he wants to know how you deal with this. Secondly, the marriage situation if it ever comes to the point just say you don’t want to get married because end of the day it’s your choice it’s not like there going to be married to that girl, and you shouldn’t get forced either as it is haram, stereotypically in the Asian culture it was seen as normal to get married from back home or get married to their parents choice.
    You also say that you was once into girls but then he came along, can you explain what you mean by this as what is going through my head is that he has seduced you.

    And one more thing for the people on this thread saying that it is a sin, not really if you start doing the homosexual acts then it would be a sin just as a heterosexual man has sex with a women.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hi. It seems like you really love this guy. You can't ignore the fact that you love him that will just lead to more problems. I think before you do anything you need to acknowledge that it isn't your fault or his fault and certainly isn't something to be ashamed of as a Muslim. We don't choose who we fall in love with it just happens. This is just my opinion but I don't think Allah will be angry or against it. You say you are a muslim and as long as you are firm in your beliefs, love Allah and do every basic thing a muslim should do there is no problem. Being a muslim is about submission to Allah not about your sexuality. At the end of the day it's just you and your lord. You should do what makes you happy. Just because you're gay it doesn't mean you can't stay a Muslim. God is kind and loving to everybody and he knows how much you're suffering and the pain you're feeling right now. He is indeed understanding.
    But because you're asian I don't know what to expect from your family if you come out. I'm asian too. It's not really you going 'against' religion your family will care about. It will be about what society will think and fear of your family's name being tarnished or insulted. I don't know how to put this in english because it's just not the same. Basically your family might be worried about 'izat' If you know what I mean. It means respect in English but when you say it in urdu it's a whole other meaning. My advice is to just come out to your family whether they are very cultural or not that cultural. In asian culture marriage is quite a big thing so they might feel angry at first or sad but what's the worst that can happen. You're already gay so not telling them won't make you any less gay. You can't delay the inevitable. Your family love you and eventually they'll understand. Just make them understand that the word 'izat' is nothing. Literally it's nothing. Like who the hell cares what other people think about you and your family. The only thing they should care about is your and their happiness and If this is what makes you happy then so be it.
    This is pretty long but you get the memo. I've been in a similar situation. But with a different thing. Just do it. Come out to your parents. As I said before you can't delay the inevitable.
    I agree with you on some points but coming out to the family is whole different story and the word izat means honour and at the end of the day no matter what you do your always going to get judged and it doesn’t really matter, the only thing that matters is what’s you do as your going to go in your own grave.
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