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    i dont know whether to start now or in JAN Or whenever but i have mocks starting on the 22nd of nov. advice?
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    January should be fine

    I'm currently in the same predicament!
    I think I'm going to start getting in the right habits now rather than revising if ygm, like I'm starting to do work outside of class but not fully revising.
    What about you guys?

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    I'm in year 11 too- I have my mocks on November 20 and I am probably gonna revise for them- especially maths lol. I say you deffo should start revising for your mocks particularly the subjects you struggle with. Don't go like hardcore revising for like 4 hours every day. That'll just stress you out for no reason. You should revise only on the weekends like 2 hours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday because on the weekdays you'll probably have homework to do and that initself is a form of revision. Maybe start properly revising for your mocks in the half term holidays because you'll have loads of time then. Like 2 hours each day in the holls. But still remember to have fun! And don't stress yourself out to much.

    Revise for mocks, definitely. Revising for mocks will really put you in a good position because it will cement everything in your mind and by the time you get round to the actual thing then you will have done a lot of the work already- it will be much less stressful. I know because I revised for all mocks and in class assessments other than english lit (we had no mock for this); when it came to revising for the actual thing, literature revision was so much harder and more stressful than anything else.

    Revise for like 1-2 hours a day for a couple of weeks before your mocks and you should be fine. Then do bits here and there in January, revise lots in February half term and after than bulk it up until you get to about 4 hours a day around the actual exams. Most important thing is to not stress yourself out, though, which is what you're helping with by revising for mocks.
    Also, this isn't a definitive guide to revision but it worked for me.

    I would start revising now, it doesn't have to be for long each day, but as the year goes on, gradually increase the hours that you revise/study for. I regretted not revising earlier (as I'm sure most people would tell you lol) and then I went from panicking a lot to basically giving up during the exam period. Anyway, I've started doing A-levels this year and honestly there's so much do and we're expected to study for 4 hours each week for each subject, so I'd advise getting into the habit early lol (if you're planning to take A-levels that is).

    revise for your mocks but start hardcore revision February time ish

    I started January!
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