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    This might be slightly long, but you'll need it for context.

    OK, I matched with this girl on Tinder the other day. She sent me a message immediately after we matched. Was just like a generic one, but it led to a decent convo, made a few jokes which she liked I guess, then it ended up becoming a nice exchange. I keep Tinder notifs off though, so after work one day I go to message her to suggest we talk on either whatsapp, fb or snapchat instead then find out we unmatched...

    Normally I wouldn't care but we were like mid convo, every response she made was insanely positive. In my mind an unmatch there would make no sense. So I just figured that maybe Tinder glitched on me (it's happened before). Either way I had no time to worry about it since I had to go out.

    Got back in after a night out, make an insanely dumb decision influenced by alcohol, which is to track her on fb (i kno rite, stalker lol)... And yeah I guess I got lucky as finding her was easy enough. Oh and instead of stopping there, I proceed to shoot her a message then fall asleep.

    Anyways, next morning I wake up well hungover, hear a couple pings on my phone getting ready for work, wondering who the hell that would be messaging this early. Then see that she messaged me back. So I open my phone hoping she weren't gonna be like "yeah I'm blocking you", turns out she deleted her Tinder because she felt awkward on it. So I'm like "my bad, I'll get lost if you want", then she's like "nah you dont need to get lost *smiling emoji*"... Then she carried on the convo like nothing happened.

    Safe to say I'm fairly confused, I assumed she wasn't interested, so I've given her plenty of points where I stop the convo so that she can stop replying, but she replies anyway...

    So, not sure what's going on right now but what I need to know is

    Should I still pursue? At this point I'd have asked if she was down for meeting up for quick food or a drink or something but that curve had me second guessing everything.
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    I think she likes you, if she wouldn't reply. Personally I don't see the dilemma.
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