The Welsh government wants to speak to you!

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The Welsh Government wants to hear your views on 16+ education and training. This is a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard and have an impact! Feel free to answer anything from one to all of the below questions and / or share any other thought you have.

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru eisiau clywed eich barn am addysg a hyfforddiant ôl-16. Dyma gyfle gwych i chi leisio eich barn a gwneud gwahaniaeth! Mae croeso i chi ateb un neu bob un o'r cwestiynau isod a/neu rannu unrhyw sylw arall sydd gennych.

What was your post 16 education / training experience?

Beth oedd eich profiad chi o addysg/hyfforddiant ôl-16?

What was good about it?

Beth oedd yn dda am y profiad hwnnw?

Did you experience any obstacles? Did anything prevent you from completing your course? (e.g. funding, course closure)

A wnaethoch brofi unrhyw rwystrau? A wnaeth unrhyw beth eich atal rhag cwblhau eich cwrs? (e.e. cyllid, cwrs wedi dod i ben)

Are there equal opportunities to study in Welsh and English? What can be done to support those who want to learn in Welsh?

A oes cyfle cyfartal i astudio drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg a Saesneg? Beth y gellir ei wneud i gefnogi'r rheini sy'n dymuno dysgu drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg?

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