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    So, the reason I am writing about my experience as a first year student at university is to save others from being in the same situation!
    Are you living on your own? Young? Been paying your way in life for a while without parental support?
    So back in march (2017) I applied for the full tuition loan and also the full £9600 per year maintenance loan ( to help me through my bills at uni because if you're a student nurse legally you can only do 10 hrs per week paid work) anyway, 6 months later.. I'm due to start my course... no SF information.. so I call them up. I get told "your application will be accepted by the 5th October and you will receive £9600"
    The 5th October approaches. I ring SFE and they said that it still hasn't been accepted. 7th October: a letter arrives... "you are being awarded £3940 for the year". Now I don't know about anyone's else living on their own but £3940 for the year... that only just covers 3 months of bills for me!!
    Anyway... I ring SFE going ape about the amount awarded...
    So... they ask for 3 years previous proof of financial support or financial independence. Now back in 2014/15 I was on an apprenticeship.. £3.79 p/h and paying for a car finance and my car insurance, paying for bills and food to live... I managed and I managed well. SFE believe that I couldn't physically of lived on such wage. THEY ARE SO WRONG. But in their eyes, because I didn't earn enough in 2014/15 I couldn't of physically been dependent on myself and will not be awarded the full maintance loan.
    Now here is my argument..
    it's a loan. If I went to the bank and got a loan they would only be interested in what I earn now.. not what I earnt at 17 years old!
    Again, it's a loan.. therefore it's not free money, I know. So it's not really an 'award' or I haven't really been 'awarded' anything. So why does t matter what my wage was on in 2014 to borrow money today? (2017).

    Be careful when applying for student maintenance loan! If you plan to go to uni in 3 years open a savings account now so you can prove you had money 3 years prior to starting otherwise you might aswell wave that loan goodbye!
    If anyone else is or has been in a similar situation speak up!

    Hiya,I'm in a similar situation. They really need to state the lower threshold for qualifying when you apply but I've gone back and I can't find it any where!The most ridiculous thing about this situation is when I asked them what the lower threshold was they said 'we don't have that information'.The person I spoke to said that from personal experience it was around 6 or 7k but couldn't give me any further information than that.Anyway thank you for posting this, I wish I had seen it before I applyed!!Thanks x

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