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    So like the title says i'm considering dropping out of university. I studied a course before in a different uni but I was so depressed I had to leave 2 months in, it was a bad time for me so I decided to give myself a break from education and work. I took a year out and restarted last year studying the same Computer Science course in a different university because I enjoy Computing and thought it would be right for me. Completed first year with 69% overall. However I have been absolutely miserable since about January time. I cry every evening at the thought of going to class. I don't enjoy doing my work it feels like I HAVE to not want to. It's just so tough and I can't get my head around most of the work. I was a lot happier when I was working but it was only a Sales Assistant job I was not earning enough to be full time. It makes it seem like it would only be right for me to call it quits because my mental health and happiness is more important. Although i'm scared to leave because jobs aren't out there for people without degrees nowadays or so it seems. I wouldn't be making enough money to survive in a lot of jobs and I can't handle the idea of that either.

    I feel more depressed about the fact that i'm at crossroads and don't know what to do. So hard to plan your life out at 21 but at the same time if I don't now it will be too late when i'm older as Student finance won't cover me after dropping out a second time.

    Any advice??

    I think you need to take care you of yourself first. Go to see a professional about your mental health. From then, you can make the decision whether you can carry on with the degree or drop out and concentrate on your own health. University will always be there and you can always go back to it. You may have money saved up or partial funding, but you can check this when you are ready to reapply. It does depend on the job field, but a degree isn't always necessary. It seems like you were happier working, so maybe looking for an entry level job and then working your way up could be an idea?

    I was similar, I did CS at a top uni, my first year was pretty good, did all the work, but mid way through second year my head went. The rest of the year and third year were a massive chore, I missed a lot of lectures, and had to struggle hard during revision/exams. I was unhappy and my mental health was bad, and a lot of the classes sucked.

    I struggled through it, because life after uni's a lot easier. You're free to do what you want. The thing with uni is if you have bad classes, you're stuck in them. Afterwards, you can get a prog job you enjoy, or leave. You can even change career if you want. The work in CS is very tough, a lot of it for me personally was a load of useless BS, what helped me get through is that I had one or two really close friends on my course. Now that it's all done, life's better. I won't say persevere through it because your circumstances are different to mine, but just giving you perspective on what I did and how life is after.

    On a side note, mental health is a serious issue, if you can get help then do so. I should've done so but didn't really have any time to do anything, and the uni's counselling service was booked up for months.

    Ditto - I hated my course too (also CS, at a top uni).

    I graduated with a 2.2. Thought life was over.

    Now I'm doing really well for myself (read my thread if you want the full story).

    CS is tough. I wanted to quit loads of times. I'd suggest you power through.

    If you get a 2.1 in CS you can pretty much do anything afterwards.
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