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The best jobs for foundation programme? watch

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    Now that FPAS is online and foundation jobs are getting closer, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice from personal experience or had received any good advice from current doctors about what rotations are good and not so good as an FY1 and FY2?
    Im hoping to do general practice in the long run, my top choice deanery is North West (though wisdom from any location would be much appreciated) and want rotations that will be useful however I would be interested to know what workload and responsibility/support in posts is like so that I'm not too traumatised/dispassioned by the time its over

    The more general you go, the more stuff you will come across that will be applicable to your later work. Also any job where you get to do 'real doctoring' (rather than ward chump work). So with that in mind: GP, A&E, gen med, AMU, SAU are all solid shouts no matter what you want to do.

    If your end goal is GP then also consider paeds, O&G, psyxh

    I'm currently working in AMU as my first job of F1 am definitely getting a lot of experience with clerking, examination, history taking, and acute and general medical problems. Have also heard from the SHOs that F1s who do this job tend to be well prepared for their future jobs. So anecdotally I can recommend it

    GP, A&E, and ITU can all be amazing jobs. Paeds very important for GP. O&G and psych also useful, although possibly less so. Try to avoid super-specialist units and, as Ghotay suggests, try and keep everything as general as possible.

    I think pretty much everyone should do A&E at some point early in their medical career. Probably better as an FY2 as you have more independence there, but the rota is much worse.

    Bear in mind that most GP training rotations will include some of paeds, psych, O&G, so there's no need to cram them all in as a foundation doctor. Some decent geris/gen med/acute med will be very useful. And don't discount surgical jobs - you might not be planning on spending your life in theatre, but you'll be seeing people in GPland with acute abdomens, gallstones, breast lumps, vascular disease, joint problems etc, so having experience at assessing these and knowing what the management options are will still be very helpful. Plus knowing a bit of basic wound care, as lots of patients go home very early post-op now and present to their GP with problems rather than straight back to the surgeons.
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