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    I'm a 17 year old college student, and I will be applying to university in 2018 (I'm taking a gap year due to my uncertainty). Therefore, I need to use this year in good preparation for the degree I choose - but that's the problem. I cannot decide.

    One option is to complete all three parts of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) accreditation and become an architect. This will take me 9-10 years including 2 years industry work, and over £100K student debt (the debt isn't really the main issue though). I really enjoy designing, and architecture has been in my mind since a young age.

    My other choice is to become a Professor/Senior Lecturer in Ancient History/Classics. I know that this will take me most of my working life to achieve, as a professorial title doesn't come easy. I am absolutely passionate about all things ancient - I could talk for hours. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the Egyptians and Greeks. However, job security in this degree field is not great, and it's not exactly a growing field ether. If I eventually manage to become a Professor, the salary will be very good (roughly £60K-£80 depending on experience). I've heard many people set out to become professor's but never end up there...

    To conclude, the Architecture would give a decent amount of enjoyment and a secure job, but it doesn't really excite me as much as Ancient History.

    What I'm really asking is: should I do what I love (Ancient History) or do what will be the quickest route to a high(ish) salary (Architecture)?

    Sorry for how long this is...

    In my opinion you should always go with what you love because you will enjoy investing time in it. If its something you dont love but are doing for practical reasossn its possible to get through it but you may find it a struggle to stay motivated which will impact your grades. Just to play devils advocate though, something which will lead to a steady career at some point in the future is a real bonus because atleast you will have a life plan and a target rather than just doing something and then having to work out all over again what job/career you want to go into.

    Do history. If you do it at a respected university, then you'll be able to use it to get into other fields (management consultancy etc.) if you're academic career doesn't pan out.

    I am in architecture now, and if I had my time again, there's a good chance I'd have chosen history, and pursued an academic career.

    That said, if you start architecture, most courses have a history module, and people do move sideways into architectural history and ultimately history or archaeology as academics.
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