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    Hi people, I need advice...

    I met this guy on Tinder and we was talking back and forth everyday for 2 weeks and we have each on facebook/insta and swapped numbers etc. Then he started to text slow, as it was abit weird since we'd be texting back and forth and he mentioned he was going to be busy. So I mentioned that he could call me if he didn't want to text as an option, then he left me this big massive text saying 'I love talking to you but I can't do it everyday, I hardly talk to my friends and I'd take you out, you're interesting, your gorgeous etc but I haven't got time in my life for stuff like that. We'll catch up sometime soon though but I'm just so busy atm.'

    Obvs this was a bit **** to hear but I just replied saying really cool like 'thanks for being honest tbh i'm busy too but it would have been nice to meet you too, let me know when you're free' Then I got a response from him saying 'I hope your good, glad you didn't take it personal etc and explain it had an argument with his mum and once im back on my feet, in terms of social life I would love to meet you in person'

    So I carry on with life, meeting new people (I met 2 guys, didn't end well) in a span of a 3 weeks but me and the guy we'd still like each others posts on social, but we'd never comment or anything.

    So now, last week, I get a message from him out of the blue saying 'hey you, long time, hope you're alright, btw your hair colour is nice, you look gorgeous (I dyed my hair) then he's like oh I bought a PS4 wondered what games you played and if you'd like to play online sometime?' Now I'm not gonna lie it was good to finally hear from him but also I remembered what he did so I played it cool. Then we just kinda started talking as normal but now he's seems flaky like before we'd text back and forth, now he replies like the next day and it's just weird. He did apologies for the late texts as he doesn't have notifications on and where he works he can't have his phone on him etc (which is just like um ok...) cus he'd be updating his insta story, then message me 5 hours later you know.

    I'm still talking to other guys but I just don't know what to do? Like it would be nice to meet him but I feel like he might not want to. Do I end it or just keep going with it?

    What are your thoughts?
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    Sounds like he's not truly interested. I would be upfront with him and just say "one minute you're talking to me a lot and then the next I don't hear from you for hours or days. I know you're busy but just tell me if you really are interested in me as I don't want to waste my time." That's what I would do. And if he gives you a flaky response then that pretty much just determines that he doesn't want to put in the effort, in which I would respond "I'm taking charge, you aren't truly interested so I'm ending it" basically. You need to put your foot down and be assertive, or he's just stringing you along.
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