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    Please could somebody help me out with these questions...

    In a school, two exams are set.
    The mark out of 100 for the Term 1 exam is added to twice the mark out of 100 for the Term 3 exam.
    The students must get at least 150 marks to achieve a pass grade.
    A student obtains x marks in the Term 1 exam.

    a)Write an appropriate inequality to show the mark,y, that the student must obtain in the Term 3 exam in order to pass.
    b) Solve this inequality for y when:
    i) x=35
    ii) x=49

    A large stadium has 21000 seats
    The seats are organised in blocks of either 400 or 450 seats.
    There are three times more blocks of 450 seats than blocks of 400 seats.
    How many blocks of seats are there?

    A stallholder sells articles at either £2 or £5 each.
    On a particular day, he sold 101 articles and took £331 in revenue.
    How many articles were sold at each price?

    Many thanks to anyone who can help !

    For the second question, for every 3 blocks of 450 seats, there is 1 block of 400 seats, so every 4 blocks has to have 1,750 seats, 21000/1,750 = 12, since that's for 4 blocks, 12 x 4 = 48, so there are 48 blocks of seats.

    (Original post by Katiemc18)
    A stallholder sells articles at either £2 or £5 each.
    On a particular day, he sold 101 articles and took £331 in revenue.
    How many articles were sold at each price?
    Your questions are about forming and solving simultaneous equations
    For the third one:
    let x=the number of £2 items sold and let y=the number of £5 items sold
    then the total number of articles sold is x+y
    form an equation for that information

    the total revenue taken would be x times £2 plus y times £5
    form a second equation for that information

    Now use your favourite simultaneous equations technique to solve them.

    The first question
    a) Xx2+Y>=150
    b)i. 35x2 + Y >= 150 => Y>= 80
    ii. 49x2 + Y >= 150 => Y>=52
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Updated: October 11, 2017


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