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Clinical Psychology/ Counselling Psychogy career help watch

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    I've just started my undergraduate degree in Psychology and i'm confused about where i should aim for in terms of a career. I'm definitely interested in working directly with patients with mental health issues and disorders so it would seem that either Counselling or Clinical psychology would be a good path.
    I would love to do Clinicial psychology but i'm aware that it is incredibly competetive and i'm not really sure i'd have a chance to be honest. Even if you get a good degree and releveant experince, people say it's still highly likely you get rejected, and just getting the experince alone is difficult.
    I've heard that Counselling psychology doctorates are slightly less competetive but i've also heard that this is because the job isn't really taken seriously and you are unlikely to get decent work with it and it usually results in unpaid work. Is this true?
    I would love to aim for Clinical psychology but i also don't want to waste my time and end up with no prospects, does anyone on here know what a good backup plan would be or if any Clinical Pscyhologists happen to read this, what was your plan B if you didn't get onto the training? Thanks.

    I've also recently heard the same about psychologist - that it is relatively easy to do the volunteer side but jobs are harder to come by. Then you can always set up as self employed at the end of it.

    I would research as much as you can and see if you can get a volunteer, or paid work now as an assistant etc and see if you can get a bit of experience that way. OR see if you can get a peripheral job at the end of it. There are many routes into one job so just see if you can find those.

    Also see if you can get a clear view on the job speck. The person who formed me of the above was very bleak but still training as a counsellor - is it just because they want less people to qualify so less of a threat to them - interesting psychology in it's self.

    You could also speak to your professor and see what they say will give you better chances to get work. I know plenty of graduates who have going into jobs totally away from their degree subject. One of my friends just started the teaching route which was totally away from her degree, but employers see the graduate on the CV and that gets the the job.

    PS my teacher was a qualified psychodynamic counsellor (BACP) and she had so much work it was unreal. I think a lot of it is if people see you as a person they can talk to etc.
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