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Hey Guys,
I would be applying for my masters in Finance a month and request some input on my selection of universities. I've added the details of my profile as briefly as I could. My shortlist of colleges is given at the bottom of the page. I'm also wondering if i should apply to universities outside of the US.

GMAT - 710 ( Q:48, V:40)


Completed my Bachelors of Engineering from BNM Institute of Technology ( Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University), Bangalore in Computer Science with an aggregate of 71.5% ( First Class with Distinction )

Relevance to MSF
This will help me stand out when applying to programs like the MS in computational Finance course in CMU.

- Proficient in coding with C,C++,Java, Python, R Programming, VBA Excel.
- Four semesters of Mathematics during my engineering where some of the topics were Differential Calculus, Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Vector Integration, Laplace transformation, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Fourier Series and Transforms, Numerical Methods, Complex Variables, Probability Theory, Sampling Theory.

- Demonstrated working of a nuclear plant using C++ on OpenGL
-Implemented a Concurrent Multipath Transfer of Video frames across Heterogeneous Networks using Java
- Co-founded a failed startup

Work Experience
Research Analyst at Signal2Noise ( November 25th 2016 – Date ) – Signal2Noise is an Stock Market Advisory Company based in Bangalore. Responsibilities here include
- Provide advisory service in equity and derivates markets to the company's clients using Technical Analysis
- Generate Fundamental Reports for company's clients using fundamental analysis
- Handling the Proprietary Trading Book of the Company with total autonomy. Trading in Equity, Derivatives ( Futures and Options ) and Commodity Segments on an Intraday and Positional Time Frames.
-Taking Initiative in general research and presenting innovative ideas on trading and other finance related fields.
-Writing articles for the company blog on Finance related subjects


Worked as an Intern with Wudstreet Investment Services For a period of Eight weeks ( October 1st 2016 – November 24th 2016 ).
- Designed financial plans for clients.
- Performed analysis of Mutual Funds and recommended them to clients.
- Designed and analyzed client portfolios.
- Attended conferences with various fund managers.
- Performed a valuation of the Company.
- Designed a Risk Profiling system to evaluate clients risk appetite.
- Worked on the NSE NMF online transaction platform.

National Stock Exchange Certified Financial Markets Certifications
•Financial Markets ( Beginners Module ) – 93%
•Commercial Banking ( Beginners Module ) – 81%
•Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management ( Intermediate Module) – 92.5%
•Macroeconomics for Financial Markets ( Intermediate Module ) – 66.25%
•Fundamental Analysis (Intermediate Module ) – 91.25%
•Equity Research Module ( Advanced Module ) – 76.1 %
•Financial Modeling ( Advanced Module ) – 90%
•Financial Markets ( Advanced Module ) – 96.25%
•Derivatives ( Advanced Module ) - 72.5%
•Technical Analysis ( Intermediate Module) - 78.75%

Securities and Exchange Board of India Examinations
- NISM-Series-X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination - 75%
- NISM-Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination - 82%
- NISM-Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination - 91.5%

Other Courses and Certifications
•Completed the “Introduction to Financial Accounting” course by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera with a score of 82%.
•Completed the “More Introduction to Financial Accounting” course by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera with a score of 78%.
•Completed Finance Theory Course on MIT Opercourseware by Professor Andrew Lo
•Completed Microeconomics Course on MIT Opercourseware by Professor Jonathan Grubber
•Completed the “Power Of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World” by University Of California Irvine.
•Completed Corporate Finance and Valuation Courses by Professor Aswath Damodaran on Youtube.
•Completed “ The Ultimate Excel Programmer”, R Programming and Python Courses on Udemy

Extra Curricular Activities:
• Volunteer with Youth for Seva ( July 1st 2016 – September 30th 2016 ), a Non-Non-Governmental Organisation. The work involved teaching Spoken English and Basic Computer Skills to Primary and middle School children. This continues till date in a Part time effect, with overall service time in excess of Five Hundred Hours.
• Organised “Mock Stock”, a stock market simulator, in an inter-college event in the BNMIT technical fest, Tatva.


- Berkely – MSFE
- CMU – MS IN Computational Finance
Mid Ranged
- Purdue – MSF
- Linder - MSF
- Hult - MSF
- Simon - MSF

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