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College are making me drop a subject or two? watch

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    **Apologies for probably being in the wrong forum section, I couldn’t find the right one to put it in because they aren’t very clear for school/college related issue forum sections**

    So basically almost a month ago I was getting stressed over college work and the mock grades I got (E, U, D*). I also was (and still am) suffering from severe depression and did something that left me with a back injury and meant I wasn’t able to go to college after a week in hospital.

    I had a meeting today to discuss when I’m able to go back. They basically said I can do two days next week and then after half term come back full time. Alongside this, they’ve also made me drop a subject (the one I did the worst in) and potentially one of the two others that were left.

    This has made me feel much worse today. I didn’t want to drop any subjects. After my mocks, they had already made me drop EPQ (which I had no interest in anyway but had wanted to continue which they let me do but my tutor got involved and long story) and almost made me drop the subject that I’m now dropping (I got to continue through the skin of my teeth).

    I had hopes to go to uni so that I could be independent and away from my narcissistic mother and autistic brother (I have autism too, so this isn’t against autism, he just has a lot of meltdowns). Now I know it won’t be possible and I’m quite upset over it.

    They also suggested that next year I go to the other local college to continue the subject I’m doing my best in, but that college is more for people who failed secondary school (I didn’t) and take drugs etc, so obviously I said “no” as soon as they suggested the idea.

    The fact they suggested I keep with only one subject initially upset me a great deal. Everyone else is gaining higher grades, doing 3-4 A Levels + an extra curricular activity and I could end up doing just one and I just feel so awful about it.

    Just a little lost and distressed and wandering if this happened to anyone else?
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