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White widow Sally killed in drone attack Watch


    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    I meant women joining something that is inherently anti female emancipation.

    Marxist guerrilla outfits are about egalitarianism which is not inherently hostile to women, and modern leftist versions tend to have a massive feminist component
    Your innocence and naivety is almost touching!



    Your inability and/or disnginouseness to understand the differences between Islamo-Fascism and Marxism as ideologies and how they differ with regards to women is almost touching.
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      (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
      By fascist I meant more 1930s Europe as apposed to your modern day pepe morons. Back when it was a real mass movement and not some internet sub culture that largely comes from male gamer nerds.
      I see (though I wouldn't dismiss e.g. Jobbik or Golden Dawn as pepetards, those guys are more serious).

      I get your point, but IIRC, the Nazis only got around 35% of the vote in the last free election. Back in the 1930s, it was more of a fringe movement in Europe that the proto-fascists of today, and that was even before the holocaust.

      After the Nazis gained power, the German population happily fell in behind them, and fascism became much more mainstream in the West. But when something is mainstream, it spreads in an entirely different mechanic to a fringe movement (so in this stage, it is not similar to how women convert to Islam).

      (Original post by astutehirstute)
      Course it is!

      That’s why so many Muslims ( including your parents?) leave poor, politically despotic countries run by Muslims, to come and live in rich, free countries run by infidels.

      We are superior, and our way of life is superior. Islam leads to tyranny, cultural and scientific backwardness and poverty.
      Can I get a hallelujah! This is gold we need more people speaking out love it 😍 Katie Hopkins will be proud
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