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More men commit suicide than women. watch


    Everyone blames this on society telling men not to show emotions, but I don't think not being able to open up is that big a thing. Nobody really cares if you go to counseling nowadays and in general we accept a range of emotions from men so long as they are commensurate (we don't give a crap if male politicians or celebrities or sportsmen cry in big moments). I think in general most men have a notion that they should fulfill a certain role, e.g they need to have a successful career or to own a home or to screw a bunch of women, or find one good woman, or whatever the hell, and if they can't meet their expectations they lose all sense of identity and worth. And often if they do meet one expectation, they create another one, or perhaps spiral into despair over how they've already done what they meant to do and now have nothing to aim for. This is all heavily influenced by societal factors, of course, but I can't help feeling like there's something more innate going on. Men's survival instinct is just lower, and I think we are less inclined to live for the sake of living. This makes sense biologically; men have from the beginning had to be more willing to sacrifice their own lives and put themselves in danger.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I feel like that someone time when all you see on television is feminist adverts I kinda feel small in the world.
    This is a good point. Although feminism does have a purpose and there are issues that women face, there are also issues that men face which can go unrecognised. It's a shame that some feminists blame men so much for their issues too or assume that all men are living the cushy lifestyle.
    Men can be nasty, but I think most of the issues that women face are more to do with lingering issues in society rather than all men being cruel or oppressive. An it's clear that not all men are having a great time either.

    I know men who arguably have it a lot worse than women I know or who have even been mistreated by women. If those issues were the other way around they would get far more attention and support I bet.

    I think we're moving in the right direction though. All these very intense feminists get a lot of attention in media and on the internet, but I think more people think it's bs than agree with it and that as a society we are starting to recognise the struggles of men more. Like with this thread- it shows people have recognised an issue men face and care about it.

    Unfortunately it takes time for change to properly show though so you just need to keep looking for those positives and trying to feed the change where you can instead of getting bogged down with all the nasty stuff. Same with people- surround yourself with the good ones and ignore the bad ones.
    Change starts with the individual so if all of us do what we can to look after ourselves and those around us and do what we can to support good things we'll get there.
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