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    I know this is a long post so in advance I would like to say Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this all and respond.

    My father really overestimates my intelligence and when I was younger (from early childhood until sometime towards the end of fifth year), in my mind all I was going to be was a doctor. My father always emphasised how much money doctors make which was a big pull factor for me (the main one as well as how high status he considered it because doctors are smart). I think he did this because we are not well off and he just wants to see me be successful; I would be the first to go to uni in my family if I do.
    I started to doubt my personality suitability because I vomit every time I see another person do so. I never ended up getting the necessary straight A's and A*'s anyway so becoming a doctor now is out of the question but ever since I have been uncertain of my future as for the best part of 12-13 years I put all my eggs in one basket. I also sometimes find it hard to motivate myself to study.
    I repeated lower sixth and dropped biology for psychology because I got a U but I hated biology anyway and only had it as a third A Level. I got an B in maths first time and brought it up to an A by repeating one module. I got an E in physics and brought it up to a C on a new specification where AS accounts for 40% of A Level (I was 2 marks off a B). (I got a B in psychology.)
    The courses I was going to apply for are Mathematics, Physics and Applied Mathematics (both at the same school at the same uni), Energy (where you learn about renewable energy systems- a 2nd uni), and Aerospace Engineering (at the engineering school in the first uni) because I thought it would be cool to spend a career making things that fly and relevent concepts like aerodynamics and propulsion seem interesting but i have no work experience in that industry (I did a 5 week placement at a bus company so I have an idea of what engineers do though. I also attended a physics "work experience" day that was kind of like an open day at QUB, after which i was pretty much set on applying). The grades these courses ask for range from ABB to BBB.
    The first three courses are BSc degrees so I don’t know if I could write a personal statement that is also for engineering so I need advice as to whether making those subject applications would be unwise. I don't intend to put any other engineering courses down.
    Also is it unwise to apply for a number of courses at the same uni like the way I am going to? I read on a different forum that uni's don't like it because they think it shows a lack of commitment.
    I am very worried that I will go to uni and it will be for nothing in the end or I will have chosen the wrong degree. To be honest I am not sure what I want to be or if I want to be an engineer and I am not sure if I would be smart enough but I need to choose a path to go down because I can’t just do nothing with my life.
    I am nervous about the prospect of moving away anyway because I am not good socially or with people (I have no friends but I am sometimes friendly with people) so possibly needing to find a part time job where good social skills are necessary and just trying to fend for myself without the support of coming home to my family everyday, is daunting.
    I live in Northern Ireland and for the above reason I don’t want to leave NI (at least I would only be an hour bus drive from home).

    Thanks again to anyone who took the time to read this all and respond.

    (Original post by irishninja)

    Thanks again to anyone who took the time to read this all and respond.
    So, to summarise, you are applying for 5 different degrees?

    I think you need to get some advice - I would not suggest what you are planning.

    I think what you're doing is a bit risky. You sound as though you're not exactly sure what you want to-do and that's okay! You know field you want to go into which is a bonus and my advice would be research, research, research! Find one degree that you will love that you can apply to rather than many degrees at the same uni.

    Beat of luck x
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    Applying for 5 different degrees is not going to work, as you only get one personal statement. You won't be able to write a personal statement suitable for all of them, I'd advise choosing one and sticking with it. It'll do you a world of good in the long run, as with a set goal you can do everything you can to maximise your chances of getting an offer for that specific degree (reading up on the degree, relevant books, lectures, etc).

    When I was applying for UCAS last year, I never thought I'd leave NI. I'm quite like you, I'm a naturally quiet person, so I didn't consider leaving.

    But a year later, I'm into my 5th week of uni in the mainland, and I'm really enjoying it.

    My point is you should follow what your gut is telling you - if you want to stay in NI, stay. If you think you want to take the leap, go for it. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy it.

    Good luck, let me know if you have any questions

    You sound quite unsure, maybe get some proper work experience so you can really choose what you want to do? That way you won't be wasting money on accommodation, tuition fees etc.
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