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    I've just moved into a sixth form different from my high school in that it is a mixed school rather than a girl's school. Don't get me wrong, I love my new school: the teachers are great, I already have an intimate friendship circle, I have no outstanding enemies apart from the aforementioned boy, and his friends when they are in a group. I'm used to handling girls when they picked on me, but there is one boy in my class who bullies me to the point that I feel upset or preyed on when I'm in lesson with him- and he won't stop with it.

    I realise 'Bully' is a strong word considering that it's only been a few weeks into year 12, but he isn't showing any signs of stopping. This started from the first day in.

    First: He called me a spaz when I hit my head on the table in chemistry. This is when he first started picking on me.

    Second: He used to waltz past me in geography and sweep my notes off the table at the end of lesson.

    Third: This confused me. In a chemistry practical, he helped me out with the experiment, but then went away. But soon after, when I went to sit with my friends in the common room, he blocked my way by lining up chairs in front of me before I was surrounded by his friends, who'd jeered at me and made fun of the slightest thing. When I left, he told me: " Yeah, that's where girl's are supposed to go. Away from us."

    Most recently we were playing dodgeball, form vs form for a charity event. He is in my form, and yet when I was 'out', he kept lobbing balls in the general direction of my head three times so hard they'd ricochet halfway across the gym until he hit my head hard.

    In between, there was general name calling, looks and glares given at me across the classroom, belittling comments. I don't know what might've caused this to have flared up, but he won't stop. I've heard that he won't stop talking about me in his friendship group from one of my acquaintances, like he's almost obsessed, except he keeps talking about what he wants to do next.

    I should probably also mention that he picks on four other girls in a similar manner, but not at the same level he picks on me.

    That was long. But do you guys have any advice? I'm at a loss here. Sixth form isn't the same as high school, and there is an unspoken expectation that you resolve situations like these by yourself. I know he'll know I've reported him, and I also know he'll make things worse, as it only seems to be beginning, but I want to nip this in the bud before it gets worse, because I've heard he'd bullied a girl so badly she changed schools, and I don't want that to be me.

    Thanks xx

    just report him...

    dang he sounds like a real piece of **** , legit all the things he's done , e.g push notes of the table , throw dodgeballs , calling you a spaz etc , stopped being funny in yr 8 , and he's 16/17 . Tell him to grow up and stop acting like a child , maybe get some friends to go with you , if he persists then go tell a teacher , but honestly this is just pathetic of him
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