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If someone told you that you saved their life, how would you react? Watch

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    Hi Student Roomers,

    So a bit of a deep topic I guess and I think this is the best forum to post in but apologies if not.

    A quick(ish) backstory:

    I went through a really tough time about a year ago. In the space of just over a year, I'd lost 3 family members (2 of which were very close); my Nan got diagnosed with dementia/ Alzheimer's and went downhill from there; my family was essentially falling to pieces because all the grief we had suffered changed our remaining relationships dramatically and I had no idea what I was doing with my life after I left college because I 1) felt my family needed me and 2) had lost faith in myself- I was doing great at college but thought that once my course was over I'd fail without their support. Because of all this, I fell into depression.

    It was... well, some people reading this probably can't believe all this could happen to one person... it literally does sound like a over-dramatised narrative from a soap opera. But it did happen.

    The only positive I had was college. I had some great friends and the staff were... honestly the kindest, most supportive people EVER.

    Whilst all of these people were amazing and did what they could, there was one person who somehow ended up being the only reason I got out of bed in the morning. I know how that sounds, it wasn't a crush, but this person inspired me, kept me distracted and just always showed faith in me which is exactly what I needed when I was going through such a dark time. The only thing is... this person didn't realise what I was going through! They knew I wasn't myself, and they had perhaps heard that I was having a tough time, but they didn't know the details. So to them, they were just being themselves. Someone who almost emitted positive energy into the room; had a way of just making all the bad stuff disappear and, at one point, I only felt 100% safe when I was near this person.

    So I feel because of this, that this person may have saved my life without realising it! (Hope that makes sense!)

    I've since left college, got a great job (though it took several months, didn't just happen overnight!) and life has picked up. I got out of depression and was able to have faith in myself again. And it's all thanks to this incredible person... and the past month, perhaps even longer than that, I have wanted to thank them for it.

    Its not an easy thing to say, and certainly its not everyday you thank someone for saving your life (can't imagine it's everyday you have someone walk up to you and tell you that you saved their life either, haha!)

    I see this person every now and again, but they are moving away soon and whilst I've been unsure about telling them in fear of how they will react, I'd rather tell them before I miss my chance altogether.

    My question, therefore, is how would YOU react if someone you perhaps knew not as a best friend but not as a stranger either, walked up to you and said:
    "I need to thank you, because if it weren't for you, I don't think I'd be here. You saved my life"

    Would you think it weird? Would you freak out a little? Or do you think you might be really pleased that just by being yourself, you saved someone?

    I just want to know so I can prepare myself what could possibly happen when I tell this person!

    Would really appreciate any thoughts on this!

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    I'd also just like to add that I intend to tell this person that they saved my life face to face, or if I miss my chance before they move away in a letter (not an email or instant message as I feel that isn't sincere enough!)

    I've had that happen to me. No biggie really.
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    (Original post by ThePricklyOne)
    I've had that happen to me. No biggie really.
    Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better about this situation!
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