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anxiety about moving out for university Watch

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    how do i overcome this

    (Original post by idkwhatsgoingon)
    I'm applying for optometry, I've worked really hard to be predicted good grades and I love the course but now I'm considering doing something else because I would have to move out (closest uni is MCR, hours away) I have severe social anxiety and GAD and suffer from panic attacks quite frequently, I have to have a separate room for my exams. Also, I love optometry but it involves a lot of patient interaction, how would I cope with this when I struggle to make eye contact? Just yesterday a boy asked me out and I almost puked. Is there any hope for me ?
    To be honest, I think you're going to need to move out but if your social anxiety is that bad maybe consider moving in with a friend hoping you get into the same university.
    In terms of you having to interact with patients, you may want to consider going into more of the research side of optometry. Even then you'll need to get used to talking to people because it's an essential life skill. Why would an admissions tutor or employer give you a place over someone else if you can't look at them and convince them why you deserve it. Just something to think about.
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    (Original post by idkwhatsgoingon)
    how do i overcome this
    I hope this helps:

    1) Relax, imagine you're just observing or there as a traveller. For example, if you are on holiday, you go there to experience and observe the attraction, you're not going to get anxious doing that are you?

    2) Smile, smiling in contagious.

    3) Be confident, respect yourself, accept yourself, work out, wear good clothes, feel good, focus on your passions, know you are a good person who treats people well, think positively, be proud of yourself, do things that make you happy, remember your happy times, what makes you confident? What makes you proud? Do you have a skill you are good at? Do things like cooking, driving, learning that increases your confidence daily.

    Have good posture, body language, improve your appearance.

    4) Dress well, have good grooming, hairstyle, have good posture.

    5) Just say hi or hey to people in your vicinity, who cares if they don't say anything back?

    6) Ask how they are, how's everything, what made them choose this course, their plans for the future, their plans for the rest of the day, weekend, how was their weekend, what they will get up to, what they got up to, ask them about their hobbies, talk about what's happening.

    Talk about the weather or did you see that sports game? Just mingle with them,

    compliment them, say "I like your jacket".

    If you know they went on a holiday or somewhere, ask them about it etc.

    7) Be passionate about life.

    8) Lighten up, have a laugh, laugh easily, be friendly, approachable, interested, relaxed.

    9) Look outside!
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