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What is the biggest ego boost you have ever received? watch



    getting 12 gems... a madting

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    Two things:

    When somebody loved me despite me being in a terrible state: They didn't know me before my bad state so any love was for me then, not some lingering feeling. Showed me that I was worth something and that if somebody loves me for who I am maybe I should too.

    When people react positively to me trying to help: It genuinely makes me so happy whenever it seems like I've helped anybody. It's so heart warming to know that I may have made even one person's life a tiny bit better. It makes me think that I'm actually contributing something to the world and doing some good. It's nice to feel like I have some purpose when a lot of things in my life are kinda suggesting otherwise.

    Guitar player from Running Wild (that won't mean much to most of you, I suppose) said I was a great player at a gig once. That was cool.

    (Original post by ChickenMadness)
    When I was still playing in loads of tournaments and this random joined a game I was in and was like "omg chicken madness. I'm your biggest fan. I've watched all your games." The rest of the pros in the game were all jelly lmao. And I was being really annoying about it for lols.

    Uni girl that fancied me when I was in 6th form. Said I was a 'gorgeous guy'. Was chuffed for years. Used to annoy my friend in 6th form about it for jokes, telling her I'm a gorgeous guy all the time haha.
    Uni girl also cheated on her boyfriend with me (without telling me she had a boyfriend). I always attract sloots and they never tell me about their boyfriends lmao. I thought she wanted a relationship :laugh:

    Also in 6th form, this girl that fancied me randomly came to my house and knocked on my door one friday night and wanted me to come out with them (I didn't cus I was in my pjamas and couldn't be arsed). When they were walking off one of them shouted 'did you see his d*ck? it's massive' rofl. The one that fancied me told me the next day they could see the outline of my d*ck through my pjamas lol. But ye this girl was a huge sloot and was tryna flirt with me and a shitload of other dudes at the same time in secret. sloot.

    last ex gf that I lived with at uni. The first time we saw each other naked she was acting all shocked for ages saying my d*ck was massive. And the first time we had sex she came as soon as I put it in. She was being all embarassed, and I was just thinking, 'nice.' lol. But ye she was going on about how big my d*ck was for the whole relationship rofl. Also a sloot that didn't tell me she already had a boyfriend (broke up with him after she got with me and told me a few months later).

    Moral of the story. The ones that give you the biggest compliments are epic sl*gs that are tryna gain ya trust so they can do some evil sh*t lmao.

    Stay safe out there men.


    Were you drunk when you posted this? Lmao.

    I think probably the biggest one in life so far was this time I hooked up with a girl and her friend. I liked the friend quite a bit I thought she was really hot, and she was exceptionally complimentary towards me and repeatedly called me a supermodel. Because she herself was very physically attractive it had more impact. That boosted me for about 4 months.

    The week after that one I almost had a repeat of the same situation with two different girls, but their other friend wouldn't let me come back to her place where they were all staying.

    Also one time I got spiked with Ecstasy in Ibiza and there were similar situations then.

    (Original post by angelike1)
    Were you drunk when you posted this? Lmao.
    lol nah it was probably late though. I shitpost more the later it gets.
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