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Friday the 13th - are you superstitious? watch

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    So its Friday the 13th
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    Do you guys believe in superstitions? I don't but I feel uneasy walking under a ladder, just in case it falls on top of me or something :laugh:

    How lucky or unlucky has your day been? Just been like any other day? :teehee:
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    Nah I don't believe in it. Today's been normal.

    i've had a really good day actually. Lunch with a friend. Good lectures at Uni. It didn't pour with rain...

    The origins of Friday 13th are very interesting if you fancy some reading....!

    My day's been quite nice, as it happens. I'm not into the whole superstition thing 'cause none of them make any ****in sense. Like there's not even any religious backing for any of them, they're just there for no reason. Totally irrational.
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    I had a phone stolen on Friday the 13th four years ago, today's been good, no food on our first class train but the train managers brought cups of alcohol round so at least they ve done their best for a change

    I never was, but after the week I've had, I should be.

    Monday - I barely remember it. Thank god.

    Tuesday - Meant to be my day at home with my niece and nephew. Haven't seen them in a while. Instead I'm called into work at 9 because my colleague had to go home. The rest of the day is completely manic because I went in without a battle plan. I usually make one before work so that I'm prepared for the day.
    When I get into work I start being harassed by my ex. He wants to get back together with me. The fact that I don't give him certain information on me makes him so emotional that he declares that day worse than the day I left him for someone else.
    The day gets progressively worse as I have to decline one interview for a stock broker job, and another for a teaching/education course thing purely because of my current **** job.
    At night I cried for the first time since February because I'm sick of feeling like my life is going nowhere.

    Wednesday - Had to work with the cockiest ******** I've met in a long time. He slowed down progress. I wasn't happy. I made sure my manager knew exactly what **** he put me through because I told him I don't want to work with the ********. He regrets not listening to me.
    My phone broke. In the 6 years I've owned a smart phone, I never had one break. This was the first one.
    I tore my oblique muscle.

    Thursday - Can't move because I tore my oblique muscle.
    Had to teach a 47 year old about menopause. Her mother told her her periods are stopping because she's pregnant. She suffers from severe autism. She's never been in a physical relationship in her life. She's a virgin.

    Friday - Literally couldn't look left of right because of some random severe neck pain.
    Oblique pain is worse than ever.
    When I picked my nephew up from school he was dead silent and anxious (I later found out someone hit him) and didn't want to walk so with my torn oblique and severe neck pain, I had to carry him while he rested his head on my shoulder. He looked like he needed a cuddle so I just got on with the pain.
    I find out my sister booked a holiday which is going to take even more money away from me.
    Now, on top of buying a new phone, a laptop and new headphones, I have to pay for a holiday which I don't really want to go on.

    Now I'm not a pessimist, I'm actually not emotionally capable of being miserable, but this week has been full of complete and utter ****. I just hope things turn around. I can't help but be optimistic, so much so that it gets annoying sometimes. I'll definitely be watching the entire week of Friday the 13th in the future because everything just went apeshit this week.
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