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Could someone help me with my assessment?
15 marks - available for your knowledge of the play characters, theme, setting, dramatic devices etc…
5 marka - avalible for your knowledge of relevant context.
I need 4 Paragraphs minimum, I understand this just need extra help, with sentence starters and how to structure a good paragraph. That will score me good marks.

For this essay you need to consider all the possible reasons that Macbeth decided to kill Duncan and relate these to the contextual details. You need to think about how shakespeare uses theatrical devices to ensure his audience know the situation and dilemma.

Things to consider;

Macbeth reputation and power
Duncan's rule as king
The dominance of the witches. Their language and connections with other characters. Jacobean superstition..
Lady macbeth relationship with her husband

Macbeth's christianity; The use of pathetic fallacy the use of foreshadowing. Banquets reaction to a similar set of circumstances
Macbeths fatal flaw and the gun powder plot.

Could someone give me a good structured paragraph, so i can analyse it?

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