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    My name is Charlotte, I'm from Middlesborough and I'm 18 (I was blessed with a September birthday - thank you, mum and dad). I'm in year 13 studying A Levels in Chemistry, Biology and English Literature.

    At AS, I got 2 U's and a D. Year 12 was a tough year which I didn't take seriously or put even nearly enough work in. I had a really bad attitude and a lot of other problems outside school.

    My sixth form wanted to kick me out but I spoke to the woman who's head of sixth form and she allowed me to stay as I didn't want to retake the year. I therefore have to work twice as hard this year. All my subjects are linear so I'm not retaking everything, just pretty much doing 2 years of work in a year which I think I can do if I really put my mind to it. However, I am finding it difficult to stay motivated.

    My poor AS grades have also lead to my teachers giving me lower predicted grades than I wanted. My deadline is January 15th so I still have a little bit of time to try to convince them I am more capable than I've lead them to believe.

    I'm hoping to use this as a diary that will motivate me and record all the good and bad times and I'm looking forward to meeting likewise people through this. I think Grow your Grades 2017/2018 is going to be a massive help for me.

    Will write school,

    C x
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    Hi everybody!

    So it's 11:05pm and I'm really not feeling great. I haven't had a very productive weekend and now I'm laying in bed regretting it.

    However, I'm trying to tell myself it's okay. I can't give 100% all the time and it's still early days plus it's half term next week so I still have time to make up for it.

    I thought I'd discuss my revision timetable.

    I made a revision timetable as soon as I got my academic timetable at the start of the year. I made a table and put in Monday - Friday and then put all my periods in and a space for afterschool and weekends. I then divided my subjects up to fill these frees, after schools and weekends. I decided to give a little bit more time to Chemistry and Biology as I feel slightly more confident with English plus, there's more to do for the sciences as I have all the content to learn.

    When I get home from school, I begin by doing all the homework I got set from that day and then I start on my subject focus. For example, I am writing notes for Chemistry and Biology at the moment and rereading 'The Great Gatsby' and doing some revision notes on that. I then do past paper questions on my way to and from school on the Chemistry and Biology topics I have just written notes for in order to make sure I really understand it and can apply it. I then will take any exam questions I didn't understand or that were repeated so many times (I have packs of all the past questions made by my teachers) and add an example answer I've written using the mark scheme.

    I use a spreadsheet to plan these sessions and what I will do in them as when I am more deeper into revising the Chemistry and Biology courses, I still want to be going over AS / older content. I update this spreadsheet the day before for the next day, therefore, I don't put any time pressure on myself, I just work through at a good pace I feel comfortable and am learning at. I do set some lose goals though, for example I said I'd like to finish revising 'The Great Gatsby' by this half term (next week) so I can begin working on the Shakespeare part of the paper.

    I planned my timetable so if I have 1 free in the day, I will not be doing the same thing I am planning to do when I get home. For example, I have one free tomorrow and in which I am going to focus on English and then when I get home I will do any homework (my chemistry teacher normally sets some on a Monday for Tuesday as we only have lessons with him 2 days) and then I will be working on Biology.

    Anyway, I think I will try to use these threads to discuss a new topic everytime so let me know if you want me to cover anything in particular!

    C x
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