Model Management Agency SCAAAM BEWARE!!!!!!!

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So I got a call from a guy called Jason from the number 07944190651 to schedule an appointment for a test shoot in London address 5 Spital Square, London E1 6DX

so before confirming the appointment, I asked him a few questions as I have been scammed/exploited in the past. e.g. if I need to pay a deposit, joining fee, upload or any upfront fee and he told me that Like all proper agencies, they are government regulated. In English, this simply means that they have to follow certain stringent rules. One of those key rules is that under no circumstance whatsoever do they charge silly things (the useless model platform companies do) like deposits, joining, upload or any upfront fees. The way proper agencies acquire their income is ONLY when they get their models work whereby they take an industry standard commission of 20%. So for example, if a particular job paid you £1000 over 3 days, the agency would earn £200 and you, £800.

I thought my chance has finally arrived and I agreed to schedule the interview for the test shoot and he then sent me a confirmation email with details of where to go and on it it said PLEASE NOTE: The agency's address on Chiswick High Road, Camden but the interview centre near Liverpool street which is the address above.

Got to the studio and I quickly noticed that it was the second business and not the company I have been talking to and the name of the company is called YOUNIQUE LOOK PHOTOGRAPHY.

Did the photo shoot etc and then was asked to wait in the waiting area to see if I have been accepted or not. Waited for 15-20 minutes and then I was called into an office by a woman called Steph and told that I have been offered a contract with Model Management Agency and I should expect it in my email in 2hrs and I will need to sign and return it to them as soon as possible so I can start work but I would have to buy photographs for £900

I bluntly refuse to pay cause I have been told by MMA that they will be no costs and she told me that she will have to call my agency so they can explain how they work. So she did and passed the phone to me and I spoke to Jason who then now changed his story from what he had previously told me. He said in order for me to get work I will need to have pictures uploaded on their website and without any pictures they wouldn't be able to market me so they won't be work for me blah blah blah. I still told him nope and that if they were really genuine as they were claiming they will have to pay for the pictures for me since they said I had a lot of potentials and when I get paid they will deduct the money from my wages and he said nope it doesn't work like that. I didn't give him the opportunity to say whatever he was trying to say, I just put the phone down picked up my bag and left.
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Omg so sorry to hear that!! I’ve got. Test shoot with model Managment wednesday..... could we chat x
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