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    Hi. I hate my dad. Ok so a little backstory. I was born in England in 2003 (this will be relevant later lol) and I lived with my mum and dad (obvs). But in 2009 my brother was born and in early 2010 my mum moved back to Ireland with me and my brother. My dad came over every few months (his birthday, our birthday, Christmas etc.) and we sometimes visited him, and we had a pretty good relationship. But around November/December 2016 my dad moved over to Ireland. We got on until maybe Easter 2017. I have aspergers and my dad always mocks my meltdowns acting like it's a temper tantrum! And he is ALWAYS on his stupid computer. Once I asked for noodles ( I hadn't eaten for HOURS and I was 10 at the time so I obviously couldn't make them) but he said "make them yourself, I'm busy" but he was on his COMPUTER. I can't wait until he goes back to England. I HATE HIM. He keeps threatening to break our things like once he nearly snapped my phone in half! Like he doesnt even pay the bill! Also once I was listening to music in the car and he took my phone and nearly threw it out the window. He kept shouting and saying THIS IS MY ***ING CAR YOU ***** TURN THAT **** OFF! And keep in mind I'm only 13! And he keeps calling me bi*ch, horrible child, even **** before! He also keeps coming into my room without knocking and if I tell him he starts screaming and calling me horrible etc. Also when my brother annoys me he says "good" but if I annoy him no phone for a week! I can't move out, so kinda stuck until I turn 17/18 so help plz? I mean it's not severe enough to call the police but it's still horrible. Sorry for the long rant

    I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. What I would do is ignore you dad. He obviously has no respect for you so don't give him an inch of yours. What you should do is just get on with your life as if he doesn't matter. How is your relationship with your mum? If your relationship with your mum is good then you can rely on that. Your opinion of your dad might change though or over time he might change at some point. You never know.
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