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Please help:Do you think that this person is my friend or do you think they hate me? watch

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    This person likes me and is my friend.
    This person hates me and is not my friend.

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    Please help me - there is a poll in this thread to make responses easier:

    I just received a message from one of my ~500 Facebook 'friends'. It is the first time that someone has actually contacted me on there for a very long time - possibly one of the first this year. I haven't posted statuses etc. on Facebook for a few months.

    The message says:

    Hi XXXXXX,

    How are you? I haven't heard from you in quite a while and am hoping that everything is going well for you. Get in touch and let me know how things are going.,


    I was happy to finally receive a message on Facebook (where someone took the initiative to contact me first) but feel very low as to whether I should answer it.

    I send an email to this person in April but he didn't reply, so am not sure if I have made him hate me now. I think that he might hate me as in April, I posted a picture of myself on Facebook. I was wearing a tie, the colour of which is the party that he hates. I therefore thought when he didn't reply to my email that he must hate me as I support this political party.

    I was happy to finally receive a message through Facebook from him but just feel so low about replying. I am worried that he is angry at me/hates me because he didn't reply to my email in April. Do you think that he hates me now or is there another reason why he may not have responded to me?

    I would like to respond to him but I just don't know what to say. Do you think that he is my friend or do you think that he hates me? Also, from my other posts on here, do you think that I have friends and I have people who like me or do you think that I have no friends and people hate me? I just feel that because few people message me on Facebook that I have no friends and no one likes me. I wish that when I was in school I spoke more to people and made friend there. Sadly I just lived with my mum (who was unwell at the time) and helping her and studying all the time (it was the only thing that brought me hope) meant that I shut myself off at school and just studied all of the time. I therefore arrived at university with limited social skills and had to catch up from there - I know that I am a nice person, I just struggle to have any confidence in myself to make friends. I wish that I had friends in school and didn't study all of the time. I also struggle a lot with my Aspergers.

    Anyway, back to my question! Do you think that I should respond to this message or do you think that this person hates me because he didn't get back to me in April, and is angry at me because he thinks that I support a different political party to him?

    I don't see why you shouldn't reply; perhaps even make a joke out of the fact they didn't respond to you earlier in the year?

    "Hate" is a strong word.

    That message sounds really friendly so I don't think they could possibly hate you! Maybe he didn't even get your email, or completely forgot about it - sounds unintentional that he didn't reply. I don't see why he would be angry about the colour of your tie - I have some very nice purple socks but I loathe UKIP from the bottom of my heart xD I would reply and see what happens! Sounds like it should be fine

    They're not unfriendly, at the very least. The fact that he messaged you shows that he definitely doesn't hate you. He probably didn't see the email or it got lost in his spam filter.
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