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(Original post by Aenor)
Is there a problem with that?
Not apart from the fact that you have not given a shred of evidence to back up your satements.

Who knows? One of the texts mentioned is "Warrior Queens" by Antonia Fraser. I would agree that Boudicca was forced into violence.

That of course depends upon the individual circumstances of each case. What I object to is the overall treatment of the issue on that site: it suggests that violence performed by women is somehow a separate and previously ignored form of violence. I do not believe this to be so.
Every time I ask a specific question, you ameliorate your statement. If we go much further you won't be arguing at all.
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:rolleyes: golden maverick and aenor...could you both put a leash on it...else you might both soon be sued for personality vendetta

ok - back to the issue
women violence has always been, it is the form that is developing and same applies for men.
women started as far back as the word seduction which has been known to motivate a man to rape or commit offences like murder out of jealous rage.
now the violent men are more often reacting to something. In africa, a man/woman's temperament can usually be traced back to how his/her mother taught/helped him to handle conflict situations while he was growing up (actually based ont he assumption that the man is a breadwinner and thus too busy).
notice "MOTHER", the first woman one encounters in this world.
He goes ahead and has sisters (God bless him if he is the younger one) and sometimes get to bullied or feels pushed around (a situation that occurs once in a while in every home).
he takes all this while he is growing up and then finally marries and marries today's career woman (who has grown up trying to make herself an authority of sorts), there is bound to be conflict except the woman is humble and the man has tha scarce virtue of infinite patience.
So who do you really blame, none of them is actually guilty of anything besides not been pretenscious and dying of depression.
the only problem is the way they lash out, there is no offence committed by a man that a woman has not committed and the law actually dishes out the same measure of punishment to them(at least to my knowledge)
however my issue is that the society views a man involved in violence as a maniac and the woman as a victim even before the full story is told thus more women get away with ciolence than men.
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