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    (Original post by Emerald777O)
    They made you feel like shite just because you don't drink alcohol???? why just why
    Why did they?

    Cause they were *******s

    I'm not sure why, they decided not to include me in anything
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    (Original post by eyyylevels)
    One of my friends is at Susex rn and says the same thing. Plus his roommate does nothing but smoke and make noise.

    Start a teetotal club? Make fun nonalcoholic drinks? Play Cards Against Humanity?
    At the start....

    Uni is just like drinking mania...

    and it continues to be drinking mania, theres just less of a social demand to be a drinking manic depending on your accomodation

    This was me two years ago lol.

    I shared a flat with seven other people, all they did was drink and I went out with them a few times but they just wouldn't accept the fact I didn't drink, it's not fun having the same conversation over and over about how you don't drink.

    Then I joined societies, they were all extremely small. The more people I met, the more isolated I felt. I met a right bunch of weirdos at that place.

    Anyway I don't keep in contact with anyone at that awful place, I still don't have many friends besides my partner but i've found some people at least. My advice: Be open, and seriously quit if it's affecting you so badly.
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    I dont really do friends at uni, only herr to get a degree, don't really care for going out plus my life's a mess so I don't have the time or energy to go out not that I enjoy it, id rather sleep since it's the only break I get, i spend the week alone at uni working and I go home every weekend because I'm attached to my home town, not really enjoying uni can wait to get out of this place and get a job, that's if I get a job
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    Your only here to get a degree, no one's gonna care about you after uni, so much for the "friends" you made
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    I go to a film society lol and yeah pretty good for a non drinker might end up in pub after but could drink coke etc
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    (Original post by APersonYo)
    I've honestly hated my 'amazing uni experience so far'.
    I can't drink because I nearly died last year. Simple as that really. But this has RUINED my social life at uni because everythng is centered around alcohol. EVERYTHING. And because I don't drink, I got ostracized by my flat. That's right, they just excluded me and made me feel like shite because I don't drink.

    My old flat were awful to me( just accept they were awful, I'm not going to dwelve into details). They called me a recluse because they made me feeel so left unincluded.

    All the people I've met at uni and have so weird and I've clicked with NOBODY. I've had to move accomodations and my accomodation now is okay, but STILL.... like, haven't clicked with anyone here( they're not mean to me, but they just dont socialise with me).

    I dnt drink n have 3 friends at uni

    I domt drink bery often (1-2pints a week) i made lots of friemds by joining societies based around my course and perosnal interests and this year im chair of my unis debate soc
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