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Are you then same person you were when you were 16? watch


    I'd say more no than yes.
    At 16 I was really quiet (rarely spoke), rarely voiced opinions if they went against the majority, was more focused on trying to 'fit in' and would follow other people, wasn't independent or self confident and didn't have a high emotional intelligence (I grew up pretty sheltered lol).
    It's only been 5 years but at 22 I have a different perspective on life, situations and people. I'm no longer afraid to voice opinions and express who I am. Infact I try and be individual and true to myself instead of following others. I'm much more confident in myself and no longer look for others.to rely on etc. This didn't happen overnight though, it took time and effort. Physically I guess I have changed quite a bit, I never used to put effort into my appearance whereas now I do (hair, makeup etc). I can better understand and deal with social situations/people.

    In terms of similarities, I guess I've always remained quite 'nice' (although i'm less of a pushover now). My interests are quite similar to when I was 16 but my taste in things has grown and developed.

    I assume i'll be quite different another, say, 10 years from now (after going through more life experiences I haven't yet been through)

    I used to believe in God lol

    (Original post by Sweyn Forkbeard)
    Thirteen years later you still look like Mick Hucknall.
    These days I like to think it's vice-versa.

    Also I believe I recognise the other person in one of the middle photos. :holmes:
    I imagine she would've been a fixture in the Back Room for much of 2010.

    I think everyone changes as they get older. I've gone through hell and back in terms of mental health, I've finally got some good, decent friends, I've found love, I'm earning my own money and have my own house, I've practically become a stepmum, I try my best not to let people walk all over me, especially in the workplace. I'm sure of myself and more confident. Just the average stuff everyone learns as they get older.
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