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    I have absolutely 0 motivation to do any revision for my BMAT. So far, I've only done one past paper.
    It's getting so bad that im seriously considering cancelling my application for bmat universities and doing dentistry as a postgraduate, instead. I really don't know what to do - any advice? I've done my UKCAT and got an okay score. Nothing amazing, but not bad. I like to think i have a good chance with ukcat universities!
    And for those that seem to think i can just push myself to do it... i really cant outwin it. I dont appreciate it when people underestimate how much mental disorders really have control over you.


    You can do it mate

    Try not to get too worked up with BMAT work. I did it last year and I actually found it a lot easier than the UKCAT. I've written a post with all my tips on how you can efficiently prepare for it using as little time as possible, you may find it useful to take a look at it here..
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    You will be fine honestly! Don't panic

    Let me give you some tips

    So for the BMAT, I would recommend getting the science content done first because it tends to be memory based, so its good to look at it early and then revise again in your own time.

    With Section 2 Science I would recommend redoing our tutorials, and then using www.medicmind.co.uk/bmat-paper-bank to do the past paper questions related to each tutorial. Also we do not cover ALL the theory so make sure you read up on any extra bits you are unsure of. Use the BMAT Specification to guide you on exactly what you need to know. On the Official BMAT Website there is a revision guide which tells you exactly what you need to know. It is a form of a CGP book so its quite simple to read and understand.

    For Section 1, go through the tutorials and practice. It is again useful to do the Section 1 papers, and I would advise buying the £10 e-book by UniAdmissions which has answers for all of the papers. Additionally, you can use TSA papers if you run out of materials.

    For Section 3, you need to do many essay plans, and I would say write up 2-3 essays per week. It takes 15 minutes to write the essay after planning, and it is important to get into the habit of converting your plan into a concise A4 essay. Remember, the challenge is not only making good points, but also writing it in a concise way because you only have very limited space to write on. Additionally, you need to read up on the news because in your essay you will have to give many case studies - for example, I read BBC Health on the BBC website each day. The articles on BBC are very user friendly and give you many ideas for essays.

    Overall, you have to work first on what you find more difficult. If you have half term now, I would advise that you go through our whole course first, and then just do paper after paper. It is better to learn theory early and then just jam pack in papers, rather than do theory late on and learn new things too close to the exam.
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