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how is ambition presented in the play Macbeth? watch

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    if this question was to come up in my exam what could i talk about?
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    Lady Macbeth and her ambitions for macbeth And herself... Macbeth and his ambition as his fatal flaw...idk 😂 I studied it last year but doing it this year again for GCSEs! Good luck!

    Haven't read up on Macbeth in a while but I can give a really obvious example. He becomes ambitious as soon as he hears he will be the Scottish king from the witches. He kills King Duncan and takes the throne. He had a real strong desire to become king and so did his wife. (His wife was the most ambitious in my opinion).

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    if this question was to come up in my exam what could i talk about?
    Talk about macbeth (obviously) since he is the most ambitious. Talk about his ambition at the start and how it changes. What is the cause for this change? I would think it could perhaps be lady macbeth and the witches which drive macbeth to his fall.

    Ambition is a key theme in macbeth because the message is basically what happens when your overly ambitious (I would expand more on points made).
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    Many critics say it was ambition that lead to Macbeth's downfall. He became greedy and unsatisfied with the power he already had, but even after Duncan's death only wanted more and more. You could also talk about fate and free will in terms of ambition - if he was controlled by fate then was it really his ambition that killed him or was that completely out of his hands?
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