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bf pressuring me to do sexual things? watch

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    ive noticed recently my boyfriend has got a lot more sexual. Hes constantly pressuring me to send naughty things, do naughty things - im usually okay with this but its gotten to an excessive point where if i dont see him he will ask me to send him nudes/ pics of my ass everyday hell ask me to facetime him doing something sexual.

    if i say no he begs me to do it and says 'please' for example one time i hadnt seen him a bit and on facetime he wanted me to show my thing and i said no im not comfortable with that at the moment, he begged me,said he needed to get work done so could i hurry up and then i just ignored him so he said "you just dig yourself big holes dont you" so we had a massive argument, ended up not speaking to him for days or seeing him. then when we got back together, he immediately starts trying to get in my pants again without any love or affection. hes not an emotional guy so hes never been that affectionate but i just feel so upset, he doesnt want me with other guys and gets so upset if i even speak to other boys yet he shows me no affection or love, the only thing he will do is listen to my stories but hes never showed me that much love, recently hes just been so sexual and i cant handle it, it made me burst into tears thinking he only wants me for my body now even tho we been together for 2 yrs. he says i constantly cause arguments for no reason over stuff like this and that hes sick of me arguing but i just dont understand, how am i arguing for no reason...he only says nice/lovey things when we are doing something sexual he will usually say 'im so lucky to have you as a gf' or something. i know hes attached to me and has feelings(maybe they've lessened) for me but i dont understand why he's being like this recently. i just cant let go im so attached and want him to love me, but i wish i had more love from him. cant work out why hes being like this recently.

    Do NOT him pressure you into ANYTHING.

    You should only do what you're comfortable with, and if he's not happy, get the f*** away. Ive been in the same situation and it just got worse.
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    Have you told him that you're not happy with how sexual he has become?

    You should talk to him about your feelings, communication is very important.

    Weak. I don't need to use the pressure cooker when I've got real heat in the oven.

    I would get out of that situation if I were you, if you break up with him he will know he overstepped the line. Although this may sound extreme something like pressuring you to do things in a sexual manner may become violent/abusive. Obviously this is quite a big leap, but at first, just tell him how you really feel and if there is no hope in him understanding consider ending the relationship.
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