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My tutor wont let me pass my cource because he didnt like my report on task 3 and 4 /5 times ...../ I dont know what to do anymore.. Plsease someone help me Scenario for Task 3 and 4:Case 1arah has been working as a secretary in a company for more than 7 years. Her performance was good in the previous years and she had a pleasant personality. But in the last 9 months after losing a bitter divorce fight, she had become increasingly irritable and her efficiency had gradually declined to a level that the managers have openly started to criticize her work. The annual review is due in another 4 months. She had earned good assessments including the last one. However the last assessment was taking into account of her previous record and the emotional distress Sarah was going through after the divorce procedures.13The head secretary is about to retire in 3 months’ time and it was widely expected until recently that Sarah was the natural successor. However the managers have informally expressed their unwillingness of promoting Sarah. There would also be great dissatisfaction among the other secretaries and it was brought to the attention of the head of HR that some were planning to leave the company in case Sarah is appointed to the post.About 3 months before Sarah had an open disagreement with two trainee managers in front of valuable customers and other staff. She had used unacceptable language and was openly rude to the two. The two trainee managers gracefully ignored the event and did not officially make a complaint against Sarah. The senior managers intervened and reduced the tension and the matter was put to rest with no disciplinary procedures against her. But the behaviour of Sarah did not improve and once again she insulted a junior secretary during lunch in the canteen. In the last management meeting held 2 days ago and it was decided that Sarah be issued with an official warning and if her behaviour does not improve her services should be terminated. In any event the management is not prepared to promote Sarah to the head of secretaries.The head of HR faces a problem as Sarah’s promotion is now out of the question and he had to issue the warning memo to Sarah. He also has to prepare for the probability that Sarah will be terminated from employment in the near future.Sarah is a member of a union representing office staff.The head of HR seeks legal solutions open to him for dealing with the problem.Case Two:Peter Romanov is a successful Russian business man exporting high quality vodka among other Russian spirits to UK and many other European countries. He had been supplying vodka to a UK importer for almost a decade and enjoyed a smooth business relationship until recently. In the past the price for each export order had been agreed between the parties about 3 months prior to delivery and always confirmed in writing via email. The currency of the transactions and the payments was always sterling pound.In March 2017 a new order was placed by the UK importer for delivery in June and Romanov agreed the export date saying he would inform the price later as was the practice. In April and May pound displayed significant fluctuations in exchange rate markets and generally was declining in value due to the unpredictability of the result of the sudden election called by the UK prime minister. However in May before sending the cargo he sent an email to the UK buyer that due to the fluctuating and falling exchange rate of pound he has to quote the price in roubles. The UK firm did not officially respond by email and the supplies were delivered according to schedule.14The UK firm sent the payment in June but used the exchange rate at the time of placing the order in March. This was about 10% more than the exchange rate in June and placed Romanov financially at a loss of approximately 10% of the value he was expecting.On contacting the UK importer he was told as the contract was negotiated in March 2017, they accepted the rouble value at that date which was then converted into equivalent pound value using the exchange rate in March.Romanov wants to explore the legal solutions open to him.Additional information: The UK importer in this case owns assets in Russia and has extensive business interests there. Romanov does not own any assets in the UK.LO3:Task 3:For each case suggest appropriate legal solutions. Your answer should provide justifications for the use of appropriate legal solutions. (P4, P5)Report Word count: minimum 500 wordsRelated SyllabusLO3 Suggest appropriate legal solutions to business problemsLegal solutions for different types of business problems:Consider the application of company law in forming companies, raising capital and correlation of pay and performance.Termination of contracts, including employment.Rescuing and liquidating companies.Task 4:For Case 2 only: Recommend appropriate legal solutions based upon alternative legal solutions provided in Task 3 above. Your recommendation should take into account that the two disputing parties are from countries from different legal Systems. (P6)

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