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To anyone who has a deceased sibling watch

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    I'm meeting quite a few new people and whenever they ask me how many siblings I have, I always count my younger sister, even though she's been dead for over five years. After all, she is still a part of the family. But it leads to confusion later on and I think maybe I shouldn't have mentioned her, since it makes a sombre mood. To anyone who's been in the same situation, how do you answer? Do you use the past tense or answer like they're still here? What kind of reactions do you get?
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    I never mention/count them unless it’s to someone within context.

    i have a dead brother but i only say i have 3 siblings rather then 4

    I'll say 3 (my brother too passed away) but it will never be knowingly, it's just a force of habit and to be honest I think the fact that he's gone is just too surreal for my brain to comprehend, so much so I still count him subconsciously when asked.

    I struggle with this too
    I want to still count my big brother. I usually end up mentioning him and yh almost same reaction most of the time- condolences and sympathy.

    My little sister passed away a long time ago and I don't mention her, I always minus 1 when I'm talking to people outside but when I'm around family I always include her just like the rest of my siblings.
    The year she passed away I mentioned her for like a year, and after that I don't due to the same reason you've mentioned. However, if someone were to ask me directly whether I have a young sister specifically, I would say she's past away - don't know if that makes any sense >.<

    Hey i understand i normaly say i have 1 not including my sister but if they ask do i have a sister i will say yes if that make sense i worry people think im attention seeking or making it all depressing hense why i try not to but she knows i love her and i havent forgotten so dont feel bad say what you want people are normally understanding,if that makes sense.
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