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    1. A good teacher often asks questions and knows how to listen to answers This is an absolutely universal skill that highlights at once many aspects of the teaching activity. A good teacher does not ask stupid questions to students, which do not need answers (" Why are you under the desk? You need to tear, or what?"). He does not ask dauntingly difficult or formal questions, from which the blood runs cold (instead of such questions he can use requests, for example: "Prove the Riemann hypothesis." Smile). A good teacher asks questions often, you can say, they are his main tool. And his questions always cause more or less interest, at least among some of the students. These may be slightly suggestive questions or questions that seem to open up to the students a view of the further educational "road". His questions simply can not remain without an attempt at an answer, even a mental one. It is generally accepted that good questions are asked by good students. The question is: where will they learn this, if not a good teacher?

    2. All students in the class of a good teacher are people It will be superfluous to remind you that a good teacher does not humiliate students with physical punishments, bullying, abuse, does not troll them, does not nudge one part of the class to another. This is the basics. But an authentic teacher of this kind can also properly treat those who for some reason do not like his subject. And he knows how to give a worthy rebuff to students who are trying to fight him for power in the classroom or to mock him. Even if the student is a real enemy, whose purpose is to suppress and humiliate the teacher, a good teacher will not use it in his struggle with his methods. Because where, again, such a psychopathic student will learn other methods of interaction, if the teacher does not give him an example?

    3. A good teacher uses the properties of his temperament for the good of the cause We know that he can be a man with steel nerves and an icy gaze. And it can be a fidgety bait and a caustic wit. And can be a sedate lady with a slow mind and a good heart. Or a young blushing girl. Absent-minded professor-autist, cheerful ... Whatever you like. Not a good teacher, his temperament can interfere, and he easily burns out. The nature of such a teacher is always a little "clinging", offensive to the educational process. On the contrary, the character of a good teacher is always clearly inscribed in the work, it serves as a lubricant, so a good teacher does not burn out so quickly. And all because he realistically treats himself and does not try to look better or remake schoolchildren.

    4. A good teacher is an honest, noble person Well with children and especially teenagers otherwise. I must say that it is sometimes not easy to stay honest and noble in a modern Russian school. But, as practice shows, it is possible. And there are such people in our schools. Please breathe, dear teachers!

    5. A good teacher has some kind of life, except school-based For example, he adores modern art house cinema or teaches at the university ... Or all at once. Of course, there are among good teachers those who live exclusively in the school. But let's look at the matter from another angle: such teachers, as a rule, arrange for themselves a diverse and complex life in the school itself. They lead a circle or theater. They go skiing with their students. That is, the school for them is not only a school, and it is a suitable option all the same "to have a different life, except for the subject and class."

    6. A good teacher has a sense of humor No, we're not about hawking and joking, hawking bums and sucking at kids. Humor is synonymous with the notion of "adequacy to the state of the environment." That is, a sense of humor in the broadest sense is the ability to control the situation or adapt flexibly to it, to look at it extensively, to extract unexpected meanings. Sometimes, why not, these meanings are ridiculous. It is known that the dance best prevents marasmus, since in the dance requires a lot of urgent small movements, in order to adjust to a partner. The brain works as a result very intensively. The work of a good teacher in the classroom is also such a dance, only a couple of dozens or more partners.
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    I fear Ofsted disagree and I think I do too!

    Art House Cinema? Seriously? I challenge you to find a majority of good teachers in your school who watch art house cinema!

    For me, a good teacher has one question to answer. Are they learning in a safe environment - if the answer is yes, the rest is kind of irrelevant. Some of the very best teachers have no sense of humour in the classroom. After all, students are there to learn, not crack jokes.

    And a good teacher is your friend!
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