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I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student doing the BEng programme. I am currently looking into the Biomedical Engineering field and thinking of switching to the MEng Mechanical Engineering programme. However, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial for me to change into the MEng programme, because my university offers a module on Biomedical engineering and other modules related to it on their MEng programme, or would it be better to go for a MSc in Biomedical Engineering on another university instead?

I was also wondering on how important experience in the field would be? or if it would be alright to have any other engineering experience if I were to look into getting a job in the sector?
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You can do the MEng and MSc?

It's not uncommon to do a masters after a 4 year undergrad, particularly for engineering where some disciplines like aerospace, nuclear, ocean/ship/naval, biomedical, and optoelectronic engineering are underrepresented or have only limited options available - usually due to the more specialised nature of those areas.

I believe that you can still qualify for the government postgrad loans for a taught MSc if you have a 4 year undergrad course, but I'm not 100% certain on this - I'd recommend double checking.

Doing the MEng is a useful litmus test, as you can take the optional module and see how you like it - you may find you really dislike the area, and it's a lot cheaper and less hassle than realising on an expensive taught masters course. Equally, it may well invigorate your and lead you find a specific area of interest for prospective research projects, focusing your interests which will likely strengthen your application. It's a win-win, provided that it doesn't affect your funding

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