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NO dating life!! HELP! watch

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    So it's only a minor problem but as I get older it's becoming more and more frustrating: I have no dating life whatsoever. I'm 17 so you might say that I have time but I honestly don't feel that way anymore because there are literally boys everywhere and it's not like my parents are super strict about boys.

    So why isn't anything happening? EVERY girl I know has done at least something with boys ( except 2 but that's for religious reasons) even the seemingly innocent ones.It makes me wonder if there is some kind of bad vibe I'm giving off since I have not even had my first kiss yet and I literally have the flirtation ability of a worm.

    I have a fun personality but guys go for looks and I don't wanna be stereotyped as cute when I go to uni soon because I've noticed people who consider you cute don't take you seriously.Does a girl have to be considered HOT to be attractive and taken seriously by guys?Do all guys look for the same physical characteristics in a woman ( like your typical hourglass figure :wide hips small waist,ample boobs & butt) or are they interested in other body types?
    It would great if you could help me out with the above but here are the main questions
    1) Are guys attracted to cute looking girls?
    2) Does personality even matter to guys in late teens - 20's?
    3)Any tips for how to be more attractive if I wasn't naturally born with it?

    Thanks have a great day! xxx

    1) Guys are attractive to all different kinds of girls, depending on the guys personal liking. For instance an arrogant guy who just wants sex will go for sexy girls who he thinks are an easy Bang, but guys looking for a relationship will probably go for a cute girl because they want someone pure (who hasn't slept around).

    2) I don't think it would matter to guys the personality type so much, although the same rules may apply where arrogant guys want a sexy woman who is outgoing whilst shy guys look for a shy girl who they can relate to.

    3) I get beauty hacks from YouTube and stuff 😂 Not necessarily makeup hacks but just skin care tips and stuff. Apparently they're not really into girls who wear tons of makeup in the daytime (so I've read). Maybe even throw in a few cute hairstyles to change it up. Guys like a girl who looks like she takes care of herself, just as we don't want a scruffy guy who looks like he's never given a thought into how care for himself.
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