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    Okay so I'm 19 years old and currently feel as though as ****ed my life already. Ever since leaving high school I've made so many bad decisions and I'm still making them to this day.

    I left high school with average GCSE's, just enough to solidify my place in college. I have always been a very lazy and unassertive person in life, even as a child. I was never stupid nor incapable, it was my attitude towards what should've been my priorities in high school that put me in the position I'm in today. I was the kid who just wanted to be friends with everyone, constantly competing to be the class clown. Things didn't change in college either. I was studying engineering which I didn't particularly enjoy. I lasted around 5-6 months and eventually dropped out which was one of, if not the' biggest mistake of my life so far. I had higher target grades than most of my class mates during my time there which demonstrates my capability as engineering isn't the simplest of subjects to learn. Anyway, I dropped out of college due to the fact I wasn't keen on pursuing a career in that kind of work field. I then dipped in and out of employment for a couple of years, working in what I would consider 'dead end' jobs like low end retail, manufacturing and waiting. I hated them all.. I felt as though I was wasting my time during every minute there due to my extremely high aspirations and potential in life. I also felt they were far too easy. None of these jobs required any kind of intelligence, brainpower or academical abilities and because of this, they bored the **** out of me. Though I regret it, there were some benefits in obtaining these jobs.. they matured me a lot as a person making me understand the responsibilities and obedience of working life. It also helped me realise that I'm capable of achieving so much more in life. After a few spells in employment, I re-enrolled at college for the second time.. this time studying business. Same thing happened again, top student in my class though I couldn't settle down and handle 2 years of studying something I wasn't entirely sure on pursuing a career in. Another 6 months down the line, I'm back in the same position reconsidering enrolling at college for the third time. This time I'm facing complications of student fees due to the fact I'm 19 so it's as if each year that passed by, I'm becoming worse off. Another thing I have strongly considered is joining the armed forces. I almost signed up to the forces a couple of years back after dropping out of college the first time though I went back on my decision (what a surprise). Basically I have no ****ing clue what I want to do in life.. all I know is I'm capable of pretty much anything and everything when I apply myself. However, maintaining and preserving this attitude towards my decisions is proving to be a problem. You now know my life story and the *****y position I'm currently in (unemployed, undecided and unhappy). I seriously need some strong advice of anyone who is willing to help.. I don't know whether to give college one last go, fulfilling the lifestyle I missed out on and eventually obtaining a degree. Or sign up to the armed forces and look to pursue a career with them?

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    This won't be what you want to here, but only you can really answer what you want to do. You've seemingly learnt the hard way that you can't just give up on something after six months and now you're at somewhat of a crossroads.

    Find something you're passionate about and find a way of working within that field, there's no point going to college for the sake of it.

    Give these a call and they'll be able to help as well: https://www.gov.uk/careers-helpline-for-teenagers
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    You could study any degree of your choice with the Open University.

    If you're looking for a job to get some income, join your town centre agencies and there's many warehouse operative, picker, packer jobs that pays decent income.

    Good luck

    In your particular case, I wonder whether the armed forces might be a good place to start. It will give you structure and routine, and get you skilled up with some life skills. Then perhaps look at university as a mature student, down the line. This is the route my husband took, he really had no direction at all in his late teens.

    the armed forces are a great career if you are suited to it. you need to be physically fit and without a criminal background but that's it really.

    good luck !
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