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    I'm not happy at school. I hate going to school every morning and attending lessons. No matter how good of a mood I am in beforehand, I am always put down and come out being angry broken and helpless. There's this one guy who acts like he some kind of celebrity. Every day, he annoys me, teases me, mocks me. He never gets off my back and leave me alone. Always talking down on me. Getting into business and conversations he was never invited in. Making assumptions. I had a couple of new teachers this year, aswell as new classmates. Since day one, he's been mocking me, saying I'm lazy, dumb, etc. He's made me a lot running joke in the class. Teacher says something bad? Use my name. Etc. It's gotten to the point where the teacher believes him. And treates me like all he says is true. And the new classmates are in on the joke too. People I have no idea are joining in and 'joking' about me. He's ruined my image in the school single handedly. Everyone laughs at me. He's has this awful running joke for 5 years now that I am in a relationship with a girl. Yes. I've only seen her once. He's never seen her. Still he talks down on her to make her look like a girlfriend no one would want I have her. Brink of being racist honestly. 5 years he's been everyday teasing me and stuff. "How's ______". Were you too busy with _____" It's so frustrating. Then he's got his little sidekicks that join in or exaggerate everything. Everything thing he says, no matter how childish or plain cringe it is, they laugh like it's the funniest thing ever. They've now somehow created this new rumour that I'm gay. It makes no sense. There's nothing to show I'm gay. But being the immature homophobes that they are thinking it's funny, they've made up his. And are saying and spreading it as if it's nothing. People I've never spoken to again, joining in. And I'm there sitting embarrassed and broken and picked on. Originally I tried to laugh it off, but now I tell them to stop, or ignore them when they talk to me. But every time I do that, they say "why are you depressed? We're only trying to make you happy cause you looked depressed". I don't know what to do. I always leave school annoyed and depressed. And that's not exactly the best when I am already going through OCD, depression, and anxiety in my personal life. There's no teachers I can really open up to. Or there's no friends that I'm really close enough to be able to. It's heavily affecting me learning. I have no motivation to learn or revise. I am too distracted by this teasing and embarrassment to learn in school. My grades have been horrific. Only escape I have is putting my headphones on and going out with my girlfriend. To travel into my own world to ease my mind. Or be able to happily spend time with my girlfriend and have fun with someone I like. But as soon as I come back home, I'm plagued with OCD thoughts, and at school I'm teased and mocked. I don't know what to do.
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    Could you talk to your headteacher about this? What year are you in?

    Is there a chance you could perhaps move schools?

    That person is a douchebag, you should tell him "why are you talking to yourself for"? In front of everyone, he may not have an answer for this.

    OR "I never knew you are so obsessed with me" OR "why are so interested in me, don't you have anything better to do"?

    Sometimes if you stand up to them, bullies will respect you. He only picks you because he knows he will get away with it and he will not be embarrassed back.

    If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me .
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