How do I deal with seeing my ex friend in class Watch

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My friend of many years has decided to end our friendship because I told her that I won't be able to come to her birthday party because my boyfriend of nearly 4 years has the same birthday as her and I'm going away with him for his birthday. Me and my ex friend are 20 and we had the same probelm when it was her 18th birthday because I wasn't able to come because I had Sixth Form that day and was not able to go to both of their birthdays on the same day.
I offered to go out with her the day before her birthday which is in March and I also did the same last time but she is quite spoilt and selfish so she refused my offer last time and this time.
What I did not like is that my birthday is a whole month before hers and she has not once asked about my birthday and has been talking about hers for months. When I said I think that's a bit selfish she said it's because I do more less the same every year and just dismissed my birthday.
My problem is that we've been in the same class since secondary and were in the same class as sixth form and now at uni. So I have to see her at uni and I'm dreading it because she's the sort of person who will try to bring attention to the situation if she's not talking to someone. For example, being extra loud to get attention.
What should I do? I don't want to feel uncomfortable at uni
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You've offered a compromise to fix the problem and she's still not listening. I'd find better friends if you were and just ignore her. Lecture theatres are generally quite big (depending on how many are on your course) so it would fairly easy to avoid her. Sounds like she needs to grow up.

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