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How has Sixth Form/A-Levels been for you so far? watch

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    So this half term is coming to an end so I'd ike to know what you guys have thought of it? How have the people in Sixth form been? How's the classes/work been? How are the teachers? and out of 10 what would you rate it? Good /Bad/ Ugly?
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    you're finishing half term now , we've literally just started

    (Original post by Popsiclez)
    So this half term is coming to an end so I'd ike to know what you guys have thought of it? How have the people in Sixth form been? How's the classes/work been? How are the teachers? and out of 10 what would you rate it? Good /Bad/ Ugly?
    I’ve enjoyed it, it seems fairly good to be honest. We are 20-25% through our courses and it isn’t terrible. I’ve had times where I’ve struggled with each subject which is understand but overall I’m enjoying it.

    Meeting new people has been alright. I gave up on my social life this year as I went to a sixth form no one I know goes to and I wanted to focus on work not socialising. (I spend all frees and lunch doing homework) I will eventually be spending time out of school revising.

    Classes are fairly easy but I have one teacher in each subject that I dislike but that is okay I guess.


    (Btw I do Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths)
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    We're not on half term until next friday but so far it's a mixture. I found it really hard settling in because all my friends were elsewhere (i didn't wanna go there so took a leap of faith and did what i wanted) and then after a few weeks i began finding it a bit better. I really love Psychology atm, it's definitely my favourite and I'm enjoying not having to juggle 9 GCSE subjects as some of them I hated. However i then sprained my wrist which has meant that im no longer on top of my work which is really stressful for me as I know that i'm going to have to try to catch up over half term instead of consolidating what i already know. I'd rate it 7/10 (I do Psych, Bio, Chem and core Maths)

    I do maths, English lit, French, Latin and will be doing further maths in Year 13

    It's been ok; the sheer volume of the workload is definitely more difficult to bear than GCSE, but the pace of my lessons has started off slow, so it all balances out. I was hoping for a bit more freedom and so far the teaching style and the way teachers treat us has been pretty much identical to GCSE, which was a little underwhelming. I love the social side and the specialisation, though, and English lit in particular has been a refreshing change from all the regurgitation of GCSE. It's also nice to be able to wear my own clothes (even though I've been dress coded twice )!

    We broke up for half-term on Wednesday, I feel A2 has been far easier compared to AS-level. The initial jump from GCSE - AS was bigger than the jump from AS to A2; taking into account how I have to recall and memorise last year's notes on top of this year's. Our first MAPs (monthly assessment points) were pretty miserable, testing solely our AS knowledge, the entirety of A2 got a real wake up call. Following on, the next few MAPs( not exactly monthly assessment points) on a whole were an improvement, I went from low Bs to solid As.

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