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Petition for a change in how bullying is handled in the UK. watch

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    Bullying is something rampant in schools today, I've been through it and so has just about everyone else and this problem needs to be dealt with. The way schools are currently dealing with it now is not working and child suicide, self harm and depression rates are on the rise because of this. I have started a petition calling for the parents/carers or bullies to face either jail time and/or a fine in an attempt for them to take responsibility for the actions of those in their care whom they are raising. To push the message forward that bullying needs to end and that it is not okay.

    I don't believe they should get jail time but they should definitely get punished some other way. Bullies these days don't even get suspended which I think they should use as a punishment. Bullying can seriously harm someone mentally for life and it gets me super upset.

    Lol, this really is the most absurd thing on TSR this week.

    Prison for school bullies is actually laugh out loud funny.

    It's unlikely bullies would face prison as most students are under 16. So legal action would be unlikely. This is why in college and university's bullying is dealt more seriously as it can be classed as assault or harrasment (cyberbullying)

    depends on how far the bully goes , i think being jailed for it (considering most bullies are immature kids under 16 years of age ) is a little extreme , and getting the parents jailed for it has some flaws , e.g if they didn't realize their kid was bullying someone , they would practically get thrown into jail for being unaware which isn't there fault

    I agree, and the problem is people give advice to people being bullied to tell someone like a teacher, but the problem is often when that happens the bully is let off with a warning or given the benefit of the doubt which leads the bullying to only return and come back possibly worse, which puts off victims from doing anything. School or the "education" system is already a special cesspit of hell for anxious insecure teenagers, trying to fit in, find friends, revise for subjects they're not intrested in, learn texts from the last century that aren't relevant today,ridiculously large amounts of homework, being conformed to a greulling eight hours of a dog eat dog world and now they have to take that home with them with social media and smartphones compared to when you could just leave your problems at the door when you came home.

    Schools need to up the punishment like exclusion or suspensions (which might be harsh, but that will help to deteour anyone else thinking of bullying in the future), and Teachers need to stop being oblivious to bullying, and recongnise when it's happening, so if the student being bullied can't approach them, then the teacher is still able to see it happening and act on it.
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